An Evening To Remember… Shanghai 1930’s Style

Celeste Thorson and Christopher David Lee (Photo by Mannfolk PR)

One of the biggest events at The W in Hollywood this summer was last nights birthday celebration for David Christopher Lee, editor-in-chief of travel luxury e-zine Destination Luxury, and television host Celeste Thorson hosted by Destination Luxury and Phoenix International Magazine.

The Chinese Dragon Dancers perform (Photo by Mannfolk PR)

The party was themed in the style of Shanghai circa 1930 and brought about the most stylish and luxurious of vintage and custom made fashions in the large array of VIP, talent and other influential guests from the Asian American community.  The night also included a breath-taking performance by the Chinese dragon dancers and an exhibition of evening gowns made by designer Sue Wong.

Designer Sue Wong and her models. (Photo by Mannfolk PR)

Destination Luxury is a website that focuses on bringing better understanding of the ever-evolving realms of style, travel, food and stay to readers the world over.   The event was sponsored by Charis Events & Design, Baby Bea’s Cake Shop, Jin & Quinn and proceeds benefit the UNICEF Chinese Children’s Initiative for the welfare of China’s impoverished and vulnerable children.



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