Delicious Gourmet Vegan at Seabirds Kitchen in Long Beach

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE Long Beach, CA — Seabirds Kitchen is a vegan restaurant in Long Beach with a hip vibe and great food! Although many of the items are listed as gluten free, if you have celiac, beware of the fried foods – which unfortunately is most of the items. On the bright side, there are still plenty of tasty options on the menu, ESPECIALLY desserts so stay tuned!

Seabirds Kitchen ~ Gourmet vegan in Long Beach

Truly gluten free options were limited for the appetizers but we were able to start with the corn chowder which was pleasantly creamy, and the toppings made it even more delectable! For the entrees, there was 1 naturally gluten free option – the butternut squash enchiladas. Of note, they can modify the bibimbap bowl and local bowl to be gluten free by removing an item or two. In the end, I decided to go with the butternut squash enchiladas, which they are notorious for, and I definitely understand why!

The enchiladas

Even though butternut is not my favorite of the squash, the savory green sauce they topped it with wonderfully balanced the sweetness from the vegetable. And adding the side of hearty black beans to each bite made it even more delicious. I highly recommend this dish.

Delicious soup

As for the desserts… It was so difficult to choose as almost all the optionss were gluten free, which almost never happens when eating out. So, we settled on two – the chocolate mousse and the peach bourbon crumble. The mousse was AMAZING. It had the perfect balance of creaminess from the mousse and crunch from the gluten free Oreo. Will definitely be getting that again! Also, even though we were quite full from our feast, this dessert was not too heavy – it was just right! If a fruitier dessert is more your speed, you would love the crumble. It is warmed candied peach with an oatmeal crust topped with caramel and ice cream for that delicious hot/cold combo. You cannot go wrong with the desserts here.

Dessert yum!

If you are a Long Beach local or if you are a vegan foodie, I recommend you stop by Seabirds for a bite. They also have a lovely brunch menu on the weekends as well! Check it out!

The chocolate mousse was perfect!

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