Santa Monica Restaurant Week 2019 ~ Featuring the Persimmon

The Experience Magazine recently stopped by the newest addition to the Santa Monica Pier, a restaurant called Seaside On The Pier. Santa Monica’s Restaurant Week featuring dishes with persimmon in them has more than twenty restaurants participating. We stopped by Seaside On The Pier to try a few of their persimmon dishes. To start with, we had a Persimmon Margarita. This blends tequila, persimmon, watermelon, lime, agave and passion fruit to make a very tasty cocktail. The tequila blends well with the persimmon and watermelon. This was a fun and delicious way to start off our meal.

The Roasted Persimmon Pizza. Photo by Dustin Brown

The next item we got to sample was the Roasted Persimmon Pizza. Starting with a house made pizza crust, roasted persimmon are blended with shaved parmesan. To finish this dish off, a helping of arugula is placed on top of the pizza with a tasty balsamic drizzle. So delicious. I’m so glad there’s a place to go for tasty pizza on the Santa Monica Pier. There’s never been good pizza on the pier. This pizza was delicious. The crust was made with care, it was cooked well and the cheese was melty and delicious. The persimmon flavor didn’t stand out to me, but i really enjoyed the pizza.

The Grilled Salmon with Persimmon at Seaside On The Pier. Photo by Dustin Brown

The Grilled Salmon with Persimmon also stood out as a tasty dish. This dish came with grilled salmon and green beans as well as a rice dish with persimmon in it. Really great flavors here. Chef David has prepared some tasty items for the Santa Monica Restaurant Week. We’re so lucky that the Santa Monica Pier has a new restaurant that has tasty food and a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. The dining room at Seaside on the Pier has a gorgeous rooftop deck that has one of the most amazing views of the pier, the beach and the ocean. You have to check it out. This place rocks.

Fuyu Persimmon Toast at the Independence. Photo by Dustin Brown

The Experience Magazine also stopped by the Independence on Broadway near the Third Street Promenade. The Independence is a hip gastro pub that offers gourmet American bistro fare. It’s also a really nice place to relax in. We got down to eating a Fuyu Persimmon Salad. This mixes organic baby kale with radicchio, fennel, pistachio, feta with a light vinaigrette. The persimmon was so good. Perfectly ripe. The flavor of the persimmon was central in this salad. We also got a chance to try the Fuyu Persimmon Toast. I loved the pomegranate molasses that topped of this offering. I could also taste the ricotta and watercress that was served with thin slices of persimmon. This was my favorite persimmon dish of Santa Monica Restaurant Week 2019.

Fuyu Persimmon Salad at the Independence. Photo by Dustin Brown
The Persimmon Salad at Fig. Photo by Erwin Glaub
Persimmon Pizza at Stella Barra. Photo by Erwin Glaub

It was a real treat to sample a few of the persimmon themed dishes for this years Santa Monica Restaurant Week. We look forward to next years adventure in food.

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