Shan Social House

Shan Social House
Shan Social House

The Experience was recently invited to sample the menu at the Shan Social House. It was an amazing night of unique Chuka cuisine. Shan is the newest gourmet venue in Beverly Hills. Located in the heart of restaurant row on the legendary La Cienega Boulevard.
The first thing I noticed when arriving at Shan is the amazing garden and entry way to the restaurant. We were greeted by Julius. He explained the restaurants concept and menu. Julius explained that the building is actually a Japanese palace that was flown over to California piece by piece. The garden is stunning. Two large cherry blossom trees and an enourmos Koi pond. We arrived at night. The lighting on the courtyard garden was stunning. Upon entering the restaurant, there is an amazing dinning area that has upper rooms for members and private dinning.
We sat at the sushi bar. From a menu created by Chef Miyagi the courses began.
The first course was omakase or chef’s choice. To cleanse our pallet, we started with bamboo shoot. A very interesting taste.
The second course was unique and original. A small piece of sardine in oil. This was full of flavor. The raw oyster was amazing. Fresh and flown in from Japan. Finally, we tried the monk fish cake. I think it was my favorite of the starters set.
Next, we tried the sushi. What a treat. Fresh and delicious. Each piece of fish is lighty seasoned with wasabi and soy sauce. The chef served us tuna,

Chuka cuisine. Chuka is Chinese cuisine from Japan. The history of Chuka is Set in an amazing Beverly Hills location. Shan is destined to become a luxury destination in Los Angeles.

Here’s a sampling of the sushi that was prepared for us;
Bluefin Tuna マグロ
Halibut ヒラメ
Gold Eye Snapper 金目鯛
Yellowtail カンパチ
Mackerel サバ
Sea Urchin ウニ

If you get an opportunity to dine at Shan, you will be glad you did. This was a dining experience like no other.

134 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 659-8887
Reservations only

Shan Social House
Shan Social House

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