By Erwin Glaub

May 8, 2015

A luxe Indian food restaurant in the center of Beverly Hills’ Restaurant Row recently launched. The opening event welcomed hundreds of party goers and celebrities to the huge banquet hall. The restaurant and bar feature fine dining, high quality ingredients and of course, Indian spices. Many fashions from India were on display at the opening. Gourmet food such as Tandoori chicken from Northern India and Chicken Tikka were all presented for the event. Also offered was the kokum flavored fish fillet cooked in spicy south Indian curry. Kokum is a spice derived from a fruit-bearing tree that is only found in Asia and Africa. The opening event also featured models from around the world that wore high end fashion from India and Los Angeles. There were many photographs being taken on the red carpet. People mingled and chatted during the opening. The rich interiors and inviting bar provide a great place for people on the go to meet up. The Spice Affair Lounge has a Happy Hour menu that provides a unique Indian experience with gourmet flavor. This is Indian Fusion cuisine as fine dining. A luxurious dining room and attentive staff. Co owners Puneet Chandak and Sonia Batra picked this awesome location to mix knowledge from chefs and experts from India, Europe and the States. A great way to sample the menu is to stop by for grinch. There are between 25-30 items on the brunch menu. The brunch includes endless mimosa and champagne. There is tandoori chicken, kebabs, curry, chutney, naan and many other Punjab regional dishes. The large banquet hall is already being used for special events in Beverly Hills.
An affair between spice and luxury at Spice Affair in Beverly Hills
An affair between spice and luxury at Spice Affair in Beverly Hills

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