The Experience Magazine Attends the Wow! Creations Oscar Gifting Suite 2022

The Experience Magazine covered the exclusive red carpet with WOW! creators Mark and Matt Harris.

Also in attendance was Erwin Glaub from the Experience Magazine. Actor Isaac Singleton was on the red carpet with actress and producer Sanjini Bhakti. The event was held at the ultra modern Universal Hilton.

Miss California (L) with Erwin Glaub (R)
Phil Brock councilman for santa monica at wow, also talked to maria conchita alonzo, actress whom I know well and george blodwell celebrity stylist

We ran into friends Maria Conchita Alonzo, celeb stylist George Blodwell and was at the wine bar with Tom Hallick who was on the young and restless for many years and also a great MC. The vendors were all very friendy and it was a relaxed setting at the Universal Hilton Ballroom. We very much look forward to attending their next event! Two products we liked from WOW! ~ Don Franciscos breakfast blend, the best we have tasted for the keurig coffee maker, and Rice Force kit, a premium cosmetic line from Japan from which the main ingredient is rice derivatives. We took some photos of the organizers on the carpet and those brothers have a great sence of fashion and style as you can see from the photos.

One of the premier items we were gifted was the Rice Force Cosmetic kit and set up for superior facial care. The kit consisted of a deep moisture lotion, a deep moisture essence, a deep moisture cream and an SPF UV Protector from the sun. All of the products are derived from rice powder extract. With an early summer upon us in April we will be using the sunprotecter and will be trying the whole line.

The event was a lot of fun and the Experience Magazine looks forward to the next event!

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