The Experience Magazine Covers Taste of the Nation 2024

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  On May 4th, Taste of the Nation made its way back to Culver City. Taste of the Nation is an amazing culinary event with delicious tastings from famous chefs around Los Angeles, live music and entertainment, as well asfree prizes! But most importantly, it’s a charity event with a mission to relieve childhood hunger.

Being pregnant AND having celiac disease made trying the food a tad difficult, given many of the gluten free options were not pregnancy-friendly (AKA raw fish). Despite this minor setback, there was still a wide variety of foods to try! Yes, even some that were also vegan and vegetarian! And I was STUFFED before leaving WITHOUT going back for seconds!

From Szechuan cauliflower bites to gluten-free mochi donuts, this event had it all! They even had wine and cocktails to sample for those who choose to enjoy libations. I was pleasantly surprised to find a delicious mocktail from Wayfarer DTLA called “Placebo”, the alcohol-free version of its stronger brother the “Pain Killer” (the pun was most definitely intended). And MY GOODNESS was it delicious! It was exactly what mama was craving at the time – a creamy coconut, sweet and sour pineapple drink that made you feel like you were in Hawaii. Transport me there any timeplease!

If I had to pick my overall favorite dish from the event, it would have to be the asparagus polenta from The Mulholland. It was perfectly creamy with an unforgettable umami flavor. The dish was not overly salted or heavy; it was an absolute stunning, well-balanced dish. 

Of course, there were so many honorable mentions. I’d be remiss if I did not mention the vegan taco from Chicas Tacos complete with vegan cheese and a savory tempeh! YUM! The Lentil Onigiri served by Café LA was also a healthy and flavorful option. I especially loved their mission of bringing healthier, plant-based dishes into the LA unified school district; now that is something I would feel good about my future child eating. 

I couldn’t leave without a little pick me up; I tried B Sweets Dirty Ube Oat Milk Latte. The drink was a beautiful purple color and had just the right amount of sweet! I’ve never had anything like it, and it was sooootasty!

By the end of this event, the foodie in me was extremely satisfied. If you are a foodie like me, this is a must attend event! I highly encourage you to get tickets next year when the time comes to support this amazing cause!

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