The Hive Opens New Location in Mar Vista

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE Los Angeles, CA The Experience Magazine recently stopped by the Hive located at 11705 National Blvd in Mar Vista. They have two other locations at 4242 Via Marina in Marina del Rey and 606 Broadway in Santa Monica. This Hive is the latest and it is super cool. First off, there’s a lot of room inside the old Starbucks that’s been turned into a nice place to hang out and eat good food.

The Hive on National is in a great location. Many people from the neighborhood stopped by while we were there.

In the winter time, people can enjoy the old fireplace that they kept from the Starbucks days. This fireplace is well known by many locals. The motto for the hive is “Bee Yourself” and there were many people who were enjoying the new location.

The fireplace at the Hive on National
The fireplace at the Hive in Mar Vista. They have a variety of board games to play.

We met with Frank and Angel who were running the show and serving delicious food to many people. The Hive is a place for healthy, quick and delicious food.

Publisher of the Experience Magazine Erwin Glaub at Hive in Mar Vista

This is a super food café that serves the community with healthy bowls, wraps, smoothies, coffee, and donuts. They have açai bowls and savory bowls. They have vegan food,  omnivore fare and ethically sourced chicken and salmon. They also use foods like blue spirulina and hemp seeds to enhance their dishes. Spirulina is a superfood. It’s basically blue green algae and it’s a compete protein. 

The Mushroom Bowl

Erwin got the Mushroom Bowl. This features chili, garlic, broccolini, spinach, salad, balsamic vinegar, brussels sprouts, Moroccan coleslaw, avocado, crumble, pistachios, edamame, wild rice, sesame, ginger dressing a delicious balsamic dressing. Its  super unprocessed food and super fresh. Erwin was saying if he ate like this all the time he wouldn’t have any health problems. We really got to try the best of the menu having a bowl a smoothie and a doughnut. By the way the doughnut is made with  100% organic maple syrup. We had them avocado toast, which had smashed avocados, slow roasted tomatoes, pickled onions, watermelon, radish a little bit of sea salt, and some very tasty toast.

The Buddha Bowl
The Buddha Bowl

I tried the Buddha bowl, which had tofu, crunchy chickpeas, avocado, mushrooms, chili, garlic, broccolini, sweet potatoes, pistachio, red, onion, edamame, sunflower, seeds, quinoa, seasonal greens, lemon, and tahini dressing. So much fresh food and so much crunch! I like the dressing which gave the crunchy greens some flavor. 

The Blue Crush

On the smoothie side, we tried the Blue Crush which has spirulina, blueberries vanilla banana, almond butter, coconut with cream swirl, vanilla Stevia, and almond milk. It was really good and not too filling.

Dustin Brown from the Experience Magazine at Hive

I tried the Tropicali smoothie  which had mango, pineapple, coconut, banana, almond milk, and bee pollen. It was delicious with lots of flavor and not too heavy.

The Tropicali

Erwin also tried the Chaggachino after dinner. This features cacao, cinnamon, vanilla, and monk fruit with a shot of espresso. He said it was really tasty. The donuts were so good. We had to take them to go as we were so full! They have tasty gourmet donuts and vegan gluten free donuts. Up to you. You can’t go wrong.

Frank (L) and Angel (R). These guys provide top notch service!

The Hive was born when Richard Peters and Constantine Savvides met at a meditation course in Joshua tree. They became friends and decided to open the restaurant together. They wanted to have a place that had healthy food and radiated positivity. A place where  both workers and the customers would grow with the community. They encourage people to bee themselves. The Hive works to make that. Stop by the Hive at 11705 National Blvd. Right on the corner of national and Barrington. You’ll bee happy you did. 

Avocado Toast
The Avocado Toast

The Hive in Mar Vista is located at 11705 National Blvd. Its right on the corner of National and Barrington. Stop by soon!


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