(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — Santa Monica, CA — Friday, January 17th, 2020 —Located on Montana street in Santa Monica. This is a local favorite thats been around for ages. Art Verge was an educator at Santa Monica city college and a lifeguard before that. He started Art’s Table as a spot where local people, families or anybody could stop by and have really good food. Chef Mark Mittleman continues on with Art’s vision. Manager, Andrew Manart, along with our server, Karen, created an amazing night of sampling the dineLA menu. Art’s Table has a $49.00 prix fixe menu that gives you a lot for your money. For wine, we tried the Ant Moore Sauvignon Blanc and the Scarpetta Frico Rosso Sangiovese. Both of these wines were on the dineLA menu and the Sangiovese red wine that I tried paired perfectly with the evenings fare.

Publisher of the Experience Magazine Erwin Glaub
Scarpetta Frico Rosso Sangiovese

Our new writer Kat Martin;
Last night I tried Arts Table in Santa Monica for the first time. As an LA native I’ve heard the name many times but I have never had the chance to go myself. And I’m so glad I finally went. As soon as I entered the restaurant I felt welcome. The atmosphere is warm and inviting but also chic and modern with beautiful exposed concrete walls. It was packed already at 6pm. Our server was kind and helpful and knew her stuff. She recommended the sav blanc to start which was delicious and paired beautifully with my Scottish salmon which by the way was prepared to perfection. A gorgeous filet of the most tender salmon served with mashed potatoes and quite possibly the best broccolini I’ve ever had. And I’m a fiend for broccolini but if cooked poorly it’s bitter and disappointing. And last night I was in broccolini heaven. And though I was stuffed my friends insisted I try the flourless chocolate cake that was so divine I ate the entire thing, and had to run an extra mile this morning to lessen my guilt. Worth it! Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at Arts Table and I highly recommend you go when you find yourself on the west side. And tell them Kat sent you so maybe they’ll give me the flourless chocolate cake on the house the next time I go! 🙂

Tony Montana Street Corn from the dineLA menu winter 2020

The Tony Montana Street Corn is really out of this world. I don’t know what makes this dish so good. I could eat four servings of this dish. Inspired by Tony Montana from the movie Scarface, this dish is a flavorful blend of Cuban style charred corn, cilantro aioli chili oil, queso fresco (which is the crumbly cheese on top) and just a little bit of lime.

The Pancetta Mac and Cheese is addicting. Theres a touch of habanero pepper in this dish and it makes a little spicy. I loved the mac and cheese and finished the entire serving easily. Art’s Garlic Guacamole Toast features a manchego cheese chervil pistou. The pistou is sauce made from garlic, fresh basil and olive oil. Great guacamole. I thought the crostini could’ve been crispier but I still managed to eat the entire dish easily. Really good blend of flavors on this dish.

The Pancetta Mac and Cheese
Mary’s Roasted Chicken

I tried Mary’s Organic Chicken which was super tasty. Chef uses an agave herb brine. He placed the chicken on a bed of roasted root vegetables. Really interesting flavor. Also, from the dineLA menu, we tried the Scottish Salmon. Served with steamed broccolini, parsnip puree and a whole grain mustard viognier. Really delicious wild caught salmon dish.

Scottish Salmon
Flourless Chocolate Cake

Finally, for dessert, we tried the Flourless Chocolate Cake. This dessert was a perfect end to our dineLA experience. With some berries and vanilla bean gelato, great flavor on this chocolate treat.
Art’s Table dineLA menu for Winter 2020 was a delicious sampling of their menu. Stop by arts Table for a delicious meal soon.

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