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(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  — JULY 11, 2018 —  One of the best parts of the city of Los Angeles is Santa Monica. Santa Monica has the ocean, restaurants, nightlife, celebrities and old fashioned neighborhoods with a community feeling.

The Salmon Tatar Board. Photo by Barbara Da Costa/​SpLAshPR Courtesy

One of the neighborhoods in Santa Monica that’s a hidden gem is Mar Vista. Along Venice boulevard in Mar Vista is a unique area of restaurants, markets and a bowling alley. A new addition to this neighborhood that you’ll want to hear about is a laid back bohemian styled place called Atmosphere Mar Vista. Tropez Aubour has remodeled Atmosphere Cafe, extended the hours and created a special space with atmosphere Mar Vista. They have updated the menu with items created by Chef Anthony. The cool patio can be used for hanging out, enjoying a gourmet meal and soaking up the Mar Vista vibe. You simply MUST check out Atmosphere Mar Vista. Tropez has created a unique space and a great destination for our city. Most Wednesdays they have a live event of music or art. 

Restaurateur Tropez Aubour (L) with Publisher Erwin Glaub (R)
To start out our meal, we had a glass of Sauvignon Blanc (2015), Relai de Gai from Bordeaux, France. This wine is crisp, dry and refreshing. We munched on the French bread and marinated olives. We also got to try a Bruchetta that had tasty spoonfulls of olives, cheese and a tomato toppping. The Salmon Tartar Board with avocado came out ready for its Instagram moment. Not only did this dish look good, but tasted amazing. It features salmon, avocado, onions and pink peppercorn.
The outdoor patio at Atmosphere Mar Vista is a great place for relaxing, chatting and enjoying a nice meal and some conversation.
Bruchetta with little sauces for dipping. Photo by Barbara Da Costa​/​SpLAshPR Courtesy
The first vege item that had a lot of pizzazz was the Brussels Sprouts salad. This salad has a nice texture and a sweet flavor. It’s refreshing to have a salad that is different than a Raddiccio Salad. The dressing had a lot of flavor as well. It mixes raisins, green onions, Parmesan with a lemon vinaigrette.
We had to try a Flatbread Pizza and the Mushroom Flatbread was the perfect one to try. Made with mushrooms, cheese and a touch of cream. We easily devoured the entire flatbread.
The outdoor patio at Atmosphere Mar Vista is perfect for drinking wine and munching on gourmet food. Photo by Barbara Da Costa/​SpLAshPR Courtesy
The Atmo Risotto was a great mix of flavors with the rice blended in with a creamy mushroom sauce. Risotto is an Italian dish that’s made from a starchy short-grained rice called arborio rice. Making risotto can be difficult because the chef has to mix in a little bit of broth into the rice at a time and keep stirring it. The cook can’t walk away. Once he starts the risotto process, he has to keep stirring and just the right amount.
Atmo Rissoto – so tasty!
On the day we tried the risotto, the cook had done an execellent job in preparing the dish. It was just the way I like it. It’s hard to describe the texture of good risotto. The rice should be cooked but not soggy. Atmosphere Mar Vista makes great risotto. I recommend that you try it so you can experience a properly prepared risotto. It’s a pleasure to eat this dish. The three flavors were blended perfectly. The mushroom, the cream and the rice. I could’ve kept eating it.
Shrimp al Lemone ~
Parsley, garlic, couscous and a touch of lemon in the sauce. Photo by Barbara Da Costa​/​SpLAshPR Courtesy
The dish that surprised me the most was the Shrimp al Lemone. This dish features parsley, garlic, couscous and a touch of lemon. I thought the shrimp was prepared perfectly and the lemon flavor subtle.
So many delicious creations by Chef Claudine. Photo by Barbara Da Costa/​SpLAshPR Courtesy
The Grilled Chicken  with Ratatouille came out perfectly. It’s just wonderful to be able to get chef inspired fare on Venice boulevard in Mar Vista. I’m so glad Atmosphere Mar Vista is here to stay. The menu features veggie burgers, flatbreads, of course wine and beer. They have breakfasts, boozy brunches and tasty salads.
The grilled chicken was expertly prepared. Photo by Barbara Da Costa​/​SpLAshPR Courtesy

We had to try the deserts at Atmosphere Mar Vista. The Chocolate Molten cake and a Carmel Apple Tart did the trick the Carmel Apple Tart that is off the menu but oh so good. The Chocolate Molten Cake is just delicious with lava like chocolate in the middle of a handmade cake. It looks so good and tastes even better! I was really suprised at how good the deserts were.

Chocolate Molten Lava Cake (L) with Carmel Apple Tart. Photo by Barbara Da Costa​/​SpLAshPR Courtesy
Stop by Atmosphere Mar Vista for a great meal or just to have a glass of wine. We highly recommend it!

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