Ayushi Organic Skin Care Products

Ayushi lotions and face creams are truly amazing. A vegan skincare system, Ayushi uses organic cruelty free ingredients. They are committed to creating a sustainable product.

The luxurious body wash from Ayushi
The luxurious body wash from Ayushi
I was recently given the Facial Glow Organic Lotion to sample. I checked out the instructions on the Ayushi website and applied the lotion. The results were impressive. The lotion is packed with anti oxidants. Ayushi  uses an almond oil extract that has vitamin E in it. This nourishes the skin and helps moisturize better. The ingredients also include cocoa butter which neutralizes free radicals.
Recently I tried the body wash that comes in a spray bottle. I sprayed it on my arm and washed it off in the shower. The results were truly amazing. My skin was soft and smooth. I couldn’t believe the results! I wassurprised at how great this made my skin feel! My friend had been telling me about this line of organic, sustainable products. Finally, he gave me the body wash and said, “Just try this, you won’t believe how good it is!” He was right!
The Experience Magazine highly recommends products from Ayushi. Check out their website to make an order.
More great products from Ayusi
More great products from Ayusi

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