Café Gratitude In Venice, California

Café Gratitude

Venice, CA

March 17, 2015

By Sydney Delaney


By blending two traditional culinary contradictions, Café Gratitude offers the quintessential LA health-food combined with indulgence.  A new standard becomes complete with its whole + complete and live + raw vegan foods in a fine dining experience. And the food is delicious.


Café Gratitude In Venice
Café Gratitude In Venice

In addition to support of people and the planet, each menu item is an affirmation generously shared by each server at each table given both when ordering your elixir, smoothie, salad, entre or dessert, as well as receiving. For example, dinner started off with their raw rolls “I am celebrating,” two raw spring rolls surrounded by collard greens, filled with daikon and wakame filling, carrots, sunflower sprouts, avocado, japanese pickled vegetables, served with creamy sesame wasabi and Thai almond dipping sauces.


Some of the incredible food at Café Gratitude
Some of the incredible food at Café Gratitude

Foodies, health fanatics, vegetarians, vegans and beginners all find something delicious on the menu which is full of possibilities.


People flock to Café Gratitude to chow down on a slew of lively dishes – perfect soups ranging from cool, smooth gazapachos to warming traditional soups, complex whole-food salads, amazing desserts and a full range of smoothies, elixirs, tonics, pressed juices and sparkling juices and drinks that are like snacks or meals unto themselves. Each meal to nourish the body without lots animal-based food products.


More of the greatful afire from Café Gratitude
More of the greatful afire from Café Gratitude

We also enjoyed a Cafe Gratitude classic – I am Whole bowl. which is a microcosm of macrobiotic brilliance, bringing forth umami flavors with butternut squash, sautéed tender greens, sweet and still crisp pickled vegetables, tangy beet slaw and crispy, briny fresh sea kelp finished with furikake. a yummy crunchy sesame seaweed finish and a healthy base of nutty, fluffy quinoa. It was incredibly filling and energizing – no slumpy food coma after this meal.


The second entre, served as You are Terrific included Pad Thai kelp noodles, marinated kelp, carrots, red bell pepper, shredded kale, chopped teriyaki almonds, dressed in thai almond sauce and garnished with tender sunflower sprouts.


For beverages we drank the Cool milkshake made with vanilla bean, cashew coconut ice cream, fresh mint, vita-mineral green powder plus raw cacao nibs,  and a warm “cocoa” with a delicate and surprisingly satisfying, nutty sweet flavor. Dubbed the I am Immortal, an immunity and mind tonic reishi, shilajit, ormus with a coconut milk base flavored with cinnamon and sweetened with honey.


Overall, there’s a good chance no matter what dish you order or taste on someone else’s plate, you will leave feeling, well, nourished and grateful.


Thank to the team at Cafe Gratitude in Venice!

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