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September 25, 2015 Santa Monica, California
The Experience Magazine was recently invited to sample the Art of the Deli on Ocean Park Boulevard in the heart of Santa Monica California. Carvery Kitchen is known for catering exclusive celebrity filled events.  At the Ocean Park restaurant, Carvery Kitchen does a huge lunch crowd. Creating plates that are always fresh, each meal  is handcrafted and made with care.  A couple of items that the Carvery Kitchen is known for are the Brisket Dip sandwich and the Avocado Salad.
Farmers Chop Salad at Carvery Kitchen. All photos courtesy the Experience Magazine
Farmers Chop Salad at Carvery Kitchen. All photos courtesy the Experience Magazine
We arrived for dinner and looked over the extensive menu. A few of the top vegetarian items were the Ginger Beet Salad and the Vegetarian back bean chili. We wanted to try a few things. We ordered an Open Face Crisp Vegetarian Cheezeta. This has a five cheese medley, Oaxaca string cheese, artichoke-olive tapenade, herb-roasted veggies, sundried tomatoes, caramelized peppers and lemon-basil pesto. A tapenade is a puree of finely chopped olives, artichokes and olive oil. It balances the flavor of the herb roasted veggies and crisp crust. This open faced sandwich was crispy and amazing. Each bite was better than the last. What an amazing sandwich. This is in the top ten sandwiches of Los Angeles according to the Experience Magazine.
The next item that featured incredible freshness and was created in house was the Farmers Chop Salad. This salad is huge! Fresh ingredients combine to make a delicious vegetarian meal. This salad features crispy greens, brussels sprout salad, herb-roasted veggies, Oaxaca string cheese, succotash salad, gingered beets and honey-chia seed vinaigrette. what an amazing salad. The tastes blend together so well. The portions are assembled with care.
Carvery Kitchen in Santa Monica
Carvery Kitchen in Santa Monica
The Black Bean Chili was also a dish that stood out. Each ingredient was mixed together making a a hearty chili.
Finally, we sampled the Chicken Piccata Plate. This dinner comes with four amazing side dishes. I selected the Braised Brussel Sprouts, Black Bean Chili, Wasabi Corn Spinach and Gingered Beets Salad. The chicken melts in your mouth. It’s the best chicken I’ve had recently. The side dishes too are savory. Its like a chef has prepared a meal for you. A handmade feel in a restaurant. It was such a treat.
The Carvery Kitchen is a great place to go if you’d like to get your special event catered. They also do an amazing lunch service for busy professionals in Los Angeles. Its also a great place to go for dinner. The location at 3100 Ocean Park Boulevard has a comfortable and inviting dinning room.
Check out their website;

Restaurant (310)450.0880

Catering  (310)450.0881

Fax  (310)450.0882

Open Monday to Sunday

Hours are 10:00am-8:30pm

Carvery Kitchen for catering or gourmet dining
Carvery Kitchen for catering or gourmet dining

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