Food, Concern & Philanthropy ~ Concern Foundation’s Annual Fund Raiser 2019

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Los Angeles, CA — Saturday, July 13th, 2019  —Everything seemed to be made with love at the Concern Foundation’s 45th Annual Block Party, California Dreaming to Conquer Cancer. It was a beautiful thing for the EE Team to be able to experience again. Some of SoCal’s most exquisite restaurants were present, standing united together and working in harmony to help Concern “provide critical funds to advance essential cancer immunology research.”

Concern Foundation’s Annual Fundraiser at Paramount Studios. Photo by Shalane Goss

This year’s honorees were Judy Carroll, Lexy & John Carroll & the Carroll Family, with the Lifetime Giving Award. The whole evening filled our hearts, as well as our souls and our bellies! The backlot of  Paramount Studios in Hollywood was swimming in a multitude of smiling faces, good vibes, exceptional food and quality music that night, played by the Tom Nowland Band and D’ City’s Sound & events. There was standing room only. The brick buildings, vintage lighting, downtown feel, drinks, lounges, casino feel, photo booths, a warm sense of community, Infiniti’s and food created an environment that was warm and very pleasant to be in.

Concern Foundation’s Annual Fundraiser at Paramount Studios. Photo by Shalane Goss

Last year, The Concern Foundation was able to raise $1.8 Million Dollars. Concern is doing amazing things in the industry. They have pioneered the advancement of cancer immunology for 50 years. All sponsors and donors that contributed to the cause are able to feel safe knowing that 90%-95% of their contribution went directly to research.

Concern Foundation’s Annual Fundraiser at Paramount Studios. Photo by Shalane Goss

With what looked like probably more than 4000 people present this year, we’re sure they will probably exceed that goal this year! This block party style fundraiser seemed to be a great success. Not at one point did we look around and see anything, or anyone feeling out of place. Everyone embraced this pure moment of unison, and enjoyed themselves.

We did as well!

The EE Team took countless, mouth watering bites of the Urban Oven’s farm-to-table pizza and ate a little bit of whatever else we could get our hands on, until we could eat no more! We re-energized with as many KIND Snacks and as we could carry. Reed’s Ginger Brews and Suja Life’s juices kept us hydrated. The numerous choices of desserts had us high on the sweetest of sugars, and the musical performances from the Tom Knowland Band, on the main stage, as well as all of the other stages kept us delightfully entertained.

Fresh Brothers at Concern Foundation. Photo by Shalane Goss

There is something very rewarding about being a consumer of something that you know is doing some good in the world. The Concern Foundation is saving lives with the research they are able to do with these funds, and The EE Team is grateful to be a part of it all. We are also anxiously awaiting next year!

We will be sure to save our appetites!

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