Greystone Manor Cours d’ Elegance




GreystoneMansioninBeverly Hillshas had such a long and colorful history it would provide enough material for any best selling novel or big budget Hollywood movie.  Countless films have been made there, as well as any number of events of every size and description.

The recent Concours d’Elegance was just such an event,  It was basically an exposition of vintage auntomobiles, both foreign and domestic and it provided a one of a kind look into the world of fabulous vehicle styles over the years, dating back to the 1920’s.

Along with this was also a fashion show conducted on one of the elegant lawns against the background of this fabulous mansion built in 1928 by Edward L. Doheny as a wedding gift for his son, Ned, at a cost of $3,188,000. a tremendous sum of money at that time.  The mansion was built in the Tudor style, has 46.000 square feet and 55 rooms.  One could tour this fascinating edifice during the show and view the property inside and out.  Everything has been kept in its original condition and restored through the efforts of the city ofBeverly Hills, a committed group called the Friends of Greystone and a number of other groups of interested individuals.  It now serves as a public park and is well maintained and is probably the crown jewel of the city.  Quite a large number ofHollywoodproductions have been filmed there and the annual Hollywood Ball is held there to raise money for charity.

There were various food concessions during the show to augment the viewing of these fabulous cars, brought from locations far and wide for the purpose of exhibiting at this historic location which was a perfect setting for the occasion.


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