Introducing Microsol Spray Equine Fungal Care System

Entrepreneur and CEO Eric Yohan hosted over 100 VIPs from the world of thoroughbred racing, hunter-jumper, quarterhorse, polo, horse rescue and retirement, Hall of Fame jockeys and trainers and prominent owners for cocktails and dinner at The Palm to celebrate the launch of Microsol Equine Formulas Ef1 Groom Gun and EF2 Barn Gun, the groundbreaking, anti-fungal equine product that protects, heals and keeps horses safe.

Guests included Hall of Fame Jockeys Goncaleno Almeida and Kent Desormeaux, Hall of Fame trainers Jeff Bonde, Bruce Headley and Jerry Holendorfer, Kira Kazantsev (Miss America 2015), TV/Film Producer and Polo Team Owner Jonathan Burrows, Noelle Freeman (Miss California 2011), Actress-Host Ariane Andrew (WWE / E! Total Divas), Breeder Kaleem Shah, leading trainer Alan Sherman (California Chrome) and Tom Ludt (The Stronach Group).


There was a beautiful seafood buffet for the cocktail hour and a lovely 3 course dinner with family style servings of creamed spinach, hash browns, and string beans with great wine selections.
Live music was provided for the evening which made the dinner even more lively.

Product Information

Microsol Equine Formulas are a comprehensive, patented and EPA-registered fungicide system designed for year-round equine health. Microsol was developed by scientist Eric K. Yohan of the Strong Arm Group in 1993 as a safe solution to the health hazards caused by equine mold and fungus. Microsol is powerful enough to kill mold and fungus on contact, and is 100% safe and non-toxic for horse and horseman.

Apply EF1 directly to the horse’s body and hoof – It’s effective and long-lasting and kills mold and fungus on contact. EF2 integrates into your cleaning regimen for barns, stalls and all methods of transport.

EF1 Stops and Protects: Hives, molds, spores, insect bites, skin allergies, hair loss fungus, girth itch, bacteria/fungal culture, virus, pollens, dust, cracked heels, scabs, ringworm fungal skin infection and thrush.

The collection is exclusively sold at and will be available soon at retailers. The Microsol Equine Formulas follow post-race test standards and are 100% safe, clean and approved.
Sales Contact: 510-880-9906

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