Japanese Anime “FAIRY TAIL: DRAGON CRY” in select theaters August 14, 16, 19

Fairy Tail film Dragon Cry

FAIRY TAIL is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima.
There are 61 volumes published so far in Japanese and English. Over 60 million copies are issued worldwide.
The story is set in an imaginary world, The Fiore Kingdom. It’s the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a teenage wizard who is a member of the popular wizards’ guild “Fairy Tail”, as he searches for the dragon Igneel.

The animation was broadcasted from October 2009 to March 2013, the second season was broadcasted from April 2014 to March 2016.

The first movie “FAIRY TAIL: PHOENIX PRIESTESS” was released on August 18, 2012 and “FAIRY TAIL: DRAGON CRY” is the 2nd movie which was released on May 6, 2017 in Japan.

Now FUNimation presents “FAIRY TAIL: DRAGON CRY” in select theaters on August 14 subbed and August 16 & 19 dubbed!!
Natsu and his friends travel to the island kingdom of Stella to save the world from destruction.
Do not miss it!

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