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(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Culver City, CA — Thursday, May 10th, 2018 — The Experience Magazine recently got a chance to try gourmet Italian food in a friendly communal space at the Helms Bakery complex in Culver City. This top restaurant has FREE PARKING! The Helms Bakery Complex has all kinds of art stores and furniture shops. This fast casual Italian restaurant is one of the top new restaurants in Los Angeles. The food is delicious with a generous portion of each item. We ordered at the counter and managed to get a nice sized table in the main dining room.

Pasta Sisters Culver City. Photo by Linda Reszneki
The Burrata is one of my favorite Italian Appetizers. The cheese was served with sliced tomatoes, a bit of arugula and some delicious olives that are imported from Tuscany.
 The Arugula Salad featured avocado, grapes, toasted walnuts, a touch of shaved parmigiano-reggiano with a zesty lemon olive oil dressing.
Erwin Glaub (L) with the owner of Pasta Sisters (R)
The pesto was so good. Pasta Sisters excells at making delicious pasta. This pesto dish featured a blend of two kinds of Itlian cheese.  The cheeses that are blended in this dish are the Pecorino Romano which is a hard, salty Italian cheese made out of sheep’s milk (the Italian word pecora means sheep) and  Parmigiano-Reggiano which is an Italian hard cheese. The Pesto also mixes a touch of pine nuts and fresh basil. I’m not a huge pesto fan but this has a distinct and tasty favor.
The Arugula Salad. Photo by Linda Reszneki
Eggplant Parmigiana is a fried eggplant with a tasty tomato sauce, mozarella cheese and parmigiano cheese. Our serving of Eggplant Parmigiana was baked in an oven and tasted so good. The pasta, and the tomato sauce balance the flavor of the spices.
The Burrata
The dining room at Pasta Sisters is casual. Reservations aren’t accepted, but large groups can rent out the restaurant for events. There’s a new concept in gourmet food which is serving gourmet food in a casual environment. This keeps the cost way down and allows people to dine frequently. The line for people waiting to order and find a seat was going out the door and down the side walk. The secret is out about Pasta Sisters. Foodies from all over Los Angeles are coming to enjoy a meal at this hot spot.
Pasta Sisters excels at making fresh and delicious pasta
Since we were eating gourmet Italian food, we decided we needed a glass of wine. We went with the Lechteler Pinot Noir from Trentino, Italy. This is a lucious red that is juicy and paired so well with our meal.
Mini Sfogliatella are so delicious and flaky. Photo by Linda Reszneki
For desert, General Manager Alex suggested we try the Tirramisu. He pointed out that Pasta Sisters Tirramisu isn’t made with alchol like almost all tirramisu that’s served in the states. This tirramisu is made with organic eggs. It’s so fresh and tasty. A great way to end your Pasta Sisters dinner. We also sampled a Sfogliatella. I was so full that a Mini Sfogliatella was the perfect size.  Flown in once a week from Milan, Italy, this orange plavored pastry is dusted with a touch of confectioners sugar. You have to try this dessert pastry. There’s nothing quote like it.
The line for dinner was very long but people seemed happy
Dining at Pasta Sisters is a lot of fun and a real treat. This is such a great way to enjoy delicious Italian fare without breaking the bank.
The staff from the Experience Magazine enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Pasta Sisters
Check out the website for Pasta Sisters here.

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