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I was invited to the downtown location of Pitfire Artisan Pizza on 2nd street this week to try a few selections from their seasonal menu. When you first walk in, Pitfire has all the feel of your classic casual pizza joint atmosphere but offers up a tasteful and sophisticated presentation upon ordering. The spacious dining room makes for a great lunchtime retreat from the office even has a private party room upstairs that seats up to 50. When you arrive, ask for Katie, their General Manager and she will tell you all about their favorite spring time specialties.

The Market Plate is an eclectic mix of fresh veggies straight from the farmers market including asparagus grilled to perfection, sugar snaps, romesco shaved zucchini topped with a delightful sherry mustard vinnagarette.

I am a huge fan of pizza and always enjoy a great concoction like their olive and basil pizza or the spicy fennel sausage. To make it all the more springtime conducive, they have an incredible pair of flavored lemonades like the cucumber mint and strawberry pineapple that are most refreshing.

Arrive May 11th for thier beer tasting which they do every month where they feature two or three local brewers and offer drink and food specials. This is an event that only downtown, Fairfax and Westwood locations feature one Thursday and Saturday a month. When you’re downtown and you need a hot spot pizza shop that’s both very fast and very friendly then stop by Pitfire on 2nd and tell them Jeffrey sent you.

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