Stickhouse Gelato in Santa Monica

New style Italian ice cream “Gelato” on a stick came to Santa Monica!!
The shop name is “Stickhouse”, opened on October 1st, across street from Nordstrom Santa Monica Place.
It’s easy to find, Red and Green shop! Great location near Santa Monica Pier and 3rd Promenade.


We still have HOT weather in October. This is a great stop for a refreshment!

When you enter the shop, you see popsicle style gelato lined up.
You pick the flavor, you have a choice of having it dipped into chocolate, and a choice of having toppings (almonds, pistachio, coconuts…)
Owner Ismar is very friendly and telling me the popular gelato flavors are “Pistachio” and “Coconut”.





I tried both Pistachio with chocolate dip and topping and Coconut with white chocolate and topping.
Gelato was very creamy not hard, and the chocolate dipping taste very good.
I recommend chocolate dipping!!

I also tried Melon and Pineapple sorbetto.
These are super refreshing.
They use natural ingredients; organic milk and cream, locally sourced fresh fruit.

They also have coffee (espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, Americano..) and Italian water.
I’m curious about stickhouse Affogato – A shot of espresso and your choice of Mini Stick)!

If you are little bit hungry, you may want to try “Delizia” (Sponge cake sandwiching a creamy gelato filling and dipped or drizzled with your favorite chocolate topping.) or “Merenda” (Gluten-free sponge cake mixed with any of gelato or sorbetto, covered with a crispy layer of milk or dark chocolate, and topped with hazelnuts, pistachios or almonds.)

Deliza (photo coutesy Stickhouse)
Merenda (photo coutesy Stickhouse)
Merenda (photo coutesy Stickhouse)

They were just installing the rewards program at the register. It’s easy to sign up! Just enter your phone number on the machine, you receive the confirmation text to your cell phone. That’s it! Collect points, Get Free Gelato! YES, I signed up! I will go back there and I will try my favorite flavor “Tiramisu” with chocolate dip and “Stickhouse Affogato” next time!

Stickhouse Gelato
223 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401
OPEN 7 days a week
7:30am –
Stickhouse facebook

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