LOS ANGELES, CA (August 23, 2012)–The Annenberg Space for Photography is
pleased to announce its next exhibit – no strangers: ancient wisdom in a modern world, a
group show about the wonder of culture and the plight of indigenous people
throughout the world. no strangers is guest curated by esteemed anthropologist, author
and photographer Wade Davis. This exhibit opens to the public in Los Angeles on
November 17, 2012 and runs through February 24, 2013.
no strangers explores the ways cultures express a shared humanity and navigate the
circle of life. It poses a fundamental question: What does it mean to be human and
alive? When the people of the world answer this question, they do so in 7,000 unique
voices. Tragically, half of these may be silenced within a generation or two. At risk is
our human legacy, a vast archive of knowledge and expertise. Rediscovering a new
appreciation for the diversity of culture is a crucial challenge that should be faced.
Photographers featured in the exhibit are Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher, Wade Davis,
Chris Johns, Lynn Johnson, Steve McCurry, Randy Olson, Chris Rainier and Hamid
Sardar. Also included are Timothy Allen, Caroline Bennett, James P. Blair, Edward
Burtynsky, David Hiser, Aaron Huey, Thomas Kelly, Mauricio Lima, William Fernando
Martinez, James Stanfield, Brent Stirton, Amy Toensing, Jeroen Toirkens, A Yin and
Gordon Wiltsie.
The exhibit will feature an original short documentary produced by Arclight
Productions for the Annenberg Space for Photography. The film will be shown in vivid
detail on two 14’ by 7’ screens in 4K resolution. Filmed in locations throughout the
world, from Washington, DC to British Columbia, Canada to London to Mongolia, the
documentary will feature additional photographs, interviews and behind the scenes
footage with exhibit photographers, indigenous people and experts. The film will
examine indigenous cultures through photography’s lens and encourage viewers to
consider ancient traditions in a new context.
The themes explored in the exhibit include: The Circle of Life, Our Shared Origins,
Ancient Wisdom, Sacred Geography, Endangered, Globalization, Ritual & Passages,
Beauty, Quest for Spirit and Joy of Culture.
The images in the exhibit present cultures such as the Tibetan Buddhists of Nepal and
their 2,500-year-old traditions; the last rainforest nomads who struggle to survive in
Borneo; Ethiopian tribes who participate in bull-jumping as a ritual of tribal
membership and manhood; and the Lakota in South Dakota who continue their
spiritual ceremonies such as Sun Dances and the use of sweat lodges. no strangers
celebrates our diverse and sometimes unfamiliar world.
The Photography Space’s successful IRIS Nights lecture series will continue to offer
free presentations featuring photographers and guest artists who document rare and
indigenous cultures.
The Annenberg Space for Photography will publish an exhibit catalogue showcasing the
work of these 24 photographers and their images of rare and distinctive cultures. Also
offered for purchase will be a seminal book on body painting and adornment by
photographers of African culture, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, Painted Bodies:
African Body Painting, Tattoos, and Scarification, Rizzoli, September 2012. The public will
also be able to purchase no strangers street banners from a selection of four stunning
images by renowned photographers who have travelled the world. Proceeds from
merchandise will be used for the Annenberg Space for Photography, which is free to
the community.
Images are available for press upon request.
About the Annenberg Space for Photography
The Annenberg Space for Photography is a cultural destination dedicated to exhibiting
photography. The Photography Space conveys a range of human experiences and
serves as an expression of the philanthropic work of the Annenberg Foundation and its
Directors. The intimate environment features state-of-the-art, high-definition digital
technology as well as traditional prints by some of the world’s most renowned and
emerging photographers. It is the first solely photographic cultural destination in the
Los Angeles area.
Annenberg Space for Photography
2000 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, CA 90067
Tel: 213.403.3000
Wednesday through Friday: 11 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 11 am – 7:30 pm
Sunday: 11 am – 6 pm
Closed Monday and Tuesday
Admission is free

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