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Fala bar is the newest vegan hot spot in America’s hippest neighborhood, Abbot Kinney. It’s organic, vegan, kosher and locally sourced. The lunch crowd is brisk and busy. Its so hard to get a decent meal in Abbot Kinney and Venice for under twenty dollars, but Fala Bar provides that.
Fala Bar Venice on a recent rainy day
Fala Bar Venice on a recent rainy day
The Experience Magazine stopped by to sample the new Avocado Burger. This sandwich is 100% vegan, made with no preservatives and no GMOs. On the night we arrived, it was pouring rain. We stepped into the rustic vegan hot spot and joined the dinner crowd. Being in Venice, you might be munching on falafel next to a famous actor or director and not even know it. There are a few seats inside and a few seats outdoors. We were able to sit outside and dine even as the rain came down.
Manager, Ian, was behind the counter and made us a tasty vegan avocado burger. The avocado is perfectly ripened. I don’t know how they do it. The avocado has a creamy texture that seems to be unique for Fala Bar. The patty is made with sweet potato falafel, kale, cilantro and red lintel. It’s the patty that is so important for a vegetarian style burger.
The new vegan avocado burger at Fala Bar Venice is amazing with a mix of fresh flavors
The new vegan avocado burger at Fala Bar Venice is amazing with a mix of fresh flavors
The patty at Fala Bar Venice  is cooked on the griddle and it has a slightly crunchy texture. To describe the avocado burger in one word, I would say it’s fantastic! Its so healthy. The Avocado Tahini is blended with avocado, garlic and a little lemon. This serves as a sauce for the burger and adds flavor to the sandwich.
For a side, we sampled the sweet potato fries. Crispy and hot, they were vegan comfort food on a rainy day. Served with a touch of parsley and and a pinch of sea salt, we ate them all.
Stop by Fala Bar Venice to sample the avocado burger!
1146 Abbott Kinney
Los Angeles

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