The Experience Magazine and the LA Times Present Food Bowl 2018

Los Angeles, CA — Monday, June 18th, 2018 — The EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE and the L.A Times PR Department worked together to cover many great events for the month of May.

Great Vege Bowls at LA Food Bowl 2018
The Veggie Burger Bowl at Air:Food in Santa Monica. This bowl was full of amazing flavor! Each bite was better than the last
The crab cake slider at the Friday night LA Times Foodbowl! It’s a good crab cake! @LAfoodbowl #LAfoodbowl #31DaysOfFood @nickandstefsla @patinagroup

For the opening night launch party, it was called “Things in a Bowl” and was held at Rossoblu & City Market South. The opening night party had a line up of some great chefs including special guest Yosihiro Narisawa from Narisawa, Japan.


Simpson’s creator Matt Groening (L) with Erwin Glaub (R)
Photo by Devin Berko
Ramen Bangaichi in Culver City. Their Insta is
Vegan ramen, miso broth, wheat noodles, firm tofu, bamboo shoots, green onion. A very good full meal for a vegan. The veges were perfectly done and with a splash or two of chili sauce it turned out perfect!

There were many food stations set up including last years award winner Locol. We got a chance to talk to Jonathan Gold before he made his presentation for Best Restaurant of the Year. We made some recommendations to him about some restaurants in Santa Monica including Rita’s Fine Indian and Air:Food which we reviewed recently. We also told him to try out Fig the restaurant at the Fairmont hotel in which we also recently did a review on.

Louis Tikaram from E.P. & L.P.’s bowl
Prince of Venice Pasta at Food Bowl. Out of this world!

We attended the Thai Tribute to the late Tui Sungkamee from Jitlada restaurant which was hosted by Roi Choi and held at the Line Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. If you have seen “The City of Gold”, Jonathan Gold’s documentary, there is a good scene of him in Jitlada restaurant sampling some
very spicy food and the film is worth seeing just to see the expression on his face. Entertainment was by the Thai Elvis and special guest was Matt Groening the creator of the Simpsons who was a regular at Jitlada.

People came to Food Bowl ready to eat!
Amazing blend of flavors from Taste of India’s bowl
Mary Sue Milliken & Susan Feniger’s Border Grill is an upscale, modern Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles

Matt remembered seeing me play live with Martini Ranch at a venue called The Music Machine which was a music hot spot in the 80s. The event concentrated on southern Thai rather then the northern Thai cuisine that both chefs Andy Ricker (Pok Pok) and Kris Yenbamroong (Night and Market). It was a great evening running the gamut of many fantastic Thai dishes in one evening.

Chef Joe making his delicious fruit salad. Photo by Devin Berko
Bobaritto at LA Food Bowl


Many restaurants were featuring “Things in a Bowl” and we got to visit Little Sister in Manhattan Beach which was serving Vietnamese chicken curry, lemongrass, and new potatoes which seemed to be the theme for the “bowl” events.

Baco in Culver City had a tasty bowl
This Fried Chicken on a Bisquit from Poppy and Rose was out of this world!


Delicious flavors at Night Market
The Vegan Dumplings and Noodles from MS CHI are amazing! @LAfoodbowl #LAfoodbowl #31DaysOfFood
The L.A. Times Night Market was in Grand Park, May 16-20, 2018, as part of the Food Bowl citywide festival. Stretching between City Hall on Spring Street and the Music Center on Grand Avenue, the bustling open-air market will bring a vibrant atmosphere, with DJ sets and live music, across four city blocks packed with dozens of food trucks, restaurant booths, snack carts and beverage bars. Each of the five nights will offer different dishes from the chefs behind many of Jonathan Gold’s 101 Best Restaurants – Guerilla Tacos, Jitlada, Park’s BBQ, Locol, Kogi BBQ, Mayura – alongside the city’s tastiest street food. One-night-only special features include the Charity Bake Sale (Huckleberry, Sweet Rose Creamery, Valerie Confections, Tuck Room Tavern) benefiting Food Forward, Taco Land (TodoVerde, Delmy’s Tamales, Escuela Taqueria, Taco Taim), Doughnut Town (Blue Star Donuts, DK Donuts, Dreamy Creations, Glazed Donut Bar) and Fried Chicken Friday (South City Fried Chicken, Poppy + Rose, Daddy’s Chicken Shack). @LAfoodbowl #LAfoodbowl#31DaysOfFood
Dr Padmini from Mayura serving up her signiture southern Kerala style Indian cuisine at LA Food Bowl
Jonathan Gold speaking at Food Bowl 2018. Photo by the Experience Magazine


We would go back to Little Sister to have this bowl again because it was an absolute delight with all the great flavors being brought out by the fresh herbs infused into the broth. Another fave of ours is Mayura which had a special potato dish, butter chicken, tandoori chicken, fish curry, breads, rice and salads. This is one of our favorite spots in Culver City.

Chef Darren (R) preparing his green noodles. Photo by Devin Berko

The Night Market took over Grand Park from the 16-20 and there was fare from some of the finest restaurants and food trucks in the city. There was a lot of great music and this was “the City of Gold” food market. There were a lot of artisan cocktails, chef collaborations and demos, DJs and performances.

Roi Choi’d Legendary Tacos at LA Night Market
Sunchoke Carrot and Poke from @dakotalovesbonemarrow

This was really four nights of great casual fun in the park with the backdrop being City Hall. Taking the metro there was a breeze because you got dropped off right at the park.

April Broomfield’s bowl from Heart and Hound
Mary Sue Milliken & Susan Feniger’s Border Grill is an upscale, modern Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles

Our favorite event was Plant Power – “The No Beast Feast.” It was an all star chef celebration of vegetable cuisine. Jonathan Gold gave the Gold Award to Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Millken from Border Grill who showed us how we can bring the world together with with tacos and tamales.

A Sweet Potato Bowl from @misssarakramer & @shymanson had peanut, grapefruit and black mustard

There was a great assortment of wine pairings with the fare and it was a cool spring night so we were able to dress before the onslaught of the summer heat.

Jet Tila’s Khao Yum
Miki Makayama’s gret vege bowl
LA Times Food Writer Jonathan Gold (L) with Erwin Glaub (R)

They had a great dessert station and a nice goodie bag was given out at the end of the evening. This was a real vege and vegan extravaganza and showcase for some of best restaurants in L.A. including Brown Sugar Kitchen, Akasha, Jitlada, Playa Provisions and many others. We hope they do this again next year and will plan our May all around the great L.A. Food Bowl

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