The Muddy Leek, A New Favorite

Shrimp and Grits
One of the restaurants most popular dishes, Shrimp and Grits

Located in Culver City at 8631 Washington Blvd lies the stylish and sophisticated Muddy Leek, a prime destination for mid-day food and fun. The Muddy Leek has just the menu and the atmosphere to make for the perfect lunchtime getaway or a casual yet sophisticated date night. The waitstaff are very friendly and knowledgeable, a major plus.

I had my first dining experience here this week and would most certainly be apt to return, and frequently. I rather enjoyed the company of my bartender and the cocktails were out of this world. I ordered the House Salad for lunch which was comprised of Wild Arugula and, beets and a toasted pistachio vinaigrette, topped with an amazing goat cheese. To say that the pan roasted California sea bass was most enjoyable would be a great understatement. But the Chocolate and Caramel Tart was most certainly something to write home about, this chocolate custard with salted caramel and hazelnut is a piece of art.

If you love food and drink and hidden gem restaurants then visit Muddy Leek, you’re sure to return.

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  1. This restaurant sounds awesome, I will definitely try it. Good reviews are what I always look for, thanks for the recommendation.


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