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(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — TOKYO, JAPAN —  Tokyo Room Finder is an amazing site that connects people with apartments in Japan with an easy, stream lined service. Created by Miyuki Kanda in 2005, this dependable service helps middle to high budget people with quality and premium lodging.

Premium accomodations in the heart of Tokyo

Tokyo Room Finder is a perfect bridge between foreigners and Japanese culture. The problem that most foreigners have when renting an apartment in Japan for a month or more is that there are many fees and forms to fill out. The process isn’t exactly the same as in the states or Europe. Tokyo Room Finder has an International staff and over 5,000 rooms on their list.

Unique spaces are easy to reserve with Tokyo Room Finder
Tokyo Room Finder has quality rooms located all over Tokyo

Tokyo Room Finder is a matching site that helps home owners or companies that own homes, with foreigners that want to stay in Tokyo. The savings compared to a hotel can be huge. These properties boast modern amenities and furniture. Tokyo Room Finder has a huge selection. There are apartments all over Tokyo. Depending on one’s needs, a great room can be found. There are rooms from Shinagawa to Chiba. There are also rooms available in the most popular part of Tokyo which are Shibuya, Shinjuku and Roppongi.

Its easy to rent quality spaces through Tokyo Room Finder

These rooms have all the comforts of staying in hotel, but are much more cost effective. Furthermore, the tenant gets a chance to stay in a local neighborhood. This sort of experience is priceless. For those who don’t know, the Japanese rental system can be confusing and time consuming. There are fees, known as key money, that need to be paid before one can move in. These fees are not returned to the tenant and can be very expensive. Usually, a tenant contacts the apartment owner or property manager. There’s no cost for this. Tokyo Room Finder provides a service that uses a Tokyo Room Finder staff to make arrangements for a small fee. For someone on a long business trip in Japan, Tokyo Room Finder’s staff will help a prospective tenant save a lot of time. The Tokyo Room Finder staff members can make suggestions about good apartment locations. The team is international and can assist in English, Spanish and French. They also will help the new tenant get the utilities set up. This is another task that foreigners find confusing when renting in Japan. To have some assistance with this is so helpful.

Tokyo Room Finder is great for business travelers

If your considering a month long room rent in Japan, contact the staff at Tokyo Room Finder. The Experience Magazine highly recommends Tokyo Room Finder.

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