Vivian Leigh, a Recreation


The Rogue Machine and the Troubadours of Daytime, a premium theatrical organization who’s recent staging of FOUR PLACES received the Ovation and LA  Drama Critic’s Award for Best Production, have come up with a dynamic presentation of a one woman show entitled VIVIEN.

The title of the theatre alone creates interest and this production certainly lives up to that title.

Judith Chapman has the looks and inflections to bring to life Vivien Leigh with all the nuances of her troubled personality.  By all accounts, it brings to light what her husband Laurence Olivier had to deal with in regards to her insatiable desire for him to mean all things at all times to her.

Ms Chapman comes to the fore with all the prerequisites required to meet the challenge of the inner self of Vivien Leigh.  Her experience acting in the world of daytime dramas for many years and her forming the Troubadours of Daytime to allow actors of daytime dramas to contribute to theatrical causes more than qualifies her to tackle this very difficult role.

As the production points out, Ms. Leigh had many demons to fight throughout her troubled

life being manic depressive and fighting tuberculosis along with her complicated liaison with Olivier, who had his own challenges to face just trying to keep her out of trouble.

But Ms Chapman aptly steps up to the plate to illustrate each and every facet of this woman’s complicated persona.  She has the right looks and voice to bring to life in vivid detail just what it was that brought her up to July, 1967 the time as shown in the program at the end of her rope.

The performance was directed by Elina de Santos and written by Rick Foster.

Stephanie Schwartz also has to be commended in constructing a tastefully designed set which serves its purpose well.

I must point out, however, that I would probably have gleaned more from the dialogue if Ms Chapman might have paced her wordage a little more carefully, as there were a few points that I missed.  There was also a bit of a problem in hearing what was going on although my seat placement might have had something to do with that.

Rogue Machine Theatre………5041 W Pico Bl,Los   Angeles……855.585.5185…Friday & Saturdays at 8 and Sundays at 2…Ends Sept 4


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