WOW Creations Salute to the Oscars

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Los Angeles, CA  The EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE attended the event at the Universal Hilton. It was a very enjoyable event with many nice vendors that included health and well being, skincare, authors sharing views of their published books. The charity component was There were a variety of food vendors including pizza, desserts, champagne and vodka.

Laker Great John Salley with the Harris Brothers on the red carpet

Music was provided by a new age sounding harpist. We talked to John Salley as we met up again from another Oscar event the day before. On the way out we saw the temporary Santa Monica major Phil Brock. The WOW salute always has a diverse meeting of very interesting people from all walks of life besides the entertainment business although focusing on a toast to the Oscars!

Music provided by

Oscar nominated Make Up team from “GOLDA”  by SCIENTOLOGY

Champagne by

Pizza by

Donuts by

Eric Roberts with the Harris Brothers on the red carpet

Health Wellness by

Travel by


Bags provided by  Vodka from India

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