2017 Los Angeles Auto Show December 1 – 10

2017 Los Angeles Auto Show
December 1 – 10 at LA Convention Center

The exhibits run through the entire convention center floor and cover all the main showrooms. The Vehicle Test Drives (GILBERT LINDSAY PLAZA) is in front of the WEST HALL entrance.
Aside from all the latest automobiles and the new technology that run them, the show’s attendees will be able to check out the latest in electric bicycles and scooters including the many foldable scooters that can be taken on mass transit trains and busses.
I liked the foldable 35 pound Urb scooter that turns into a rolling package that is something like a golf bag to wheel around. There is also the micro x foldable scooter that is much lighter than the Urb but has no seat. It’s a stand up only electric folding scooter weighing in at around 20 pounds
There are also two bicycle companies that are displaying some very cool mountain and street bicycles that are eclectrically driven from either under the crank and pedal area or directly on the rear wheel.
Phantom bicycles makes a super custom line of electric (and gasoline) cruiser street bikes and a fat tire electric off road model that will go through some very sandy and tough terrain. Yamaha will be displaying their latest street and trail bicycles in the garage basement custom room under the south hall where one will find many custom cars and accessories.

Every car manufacturer will be displaying their newest technology and their newest 2018 models of cars.

ACURA (South Hall)
BMW (South Hall)
CHEVROLET (South Hall)
Ford (West Hall)
Jeep (West Hall)
SUBARU (South Hall)
TOYOTA (South Hall)
NISSAN (West Hall)
NISSAN (West Hall)

I would say the most fun entertaining exhibitor was NISSAN. It was STAR WARS theme.

You will also find quite a few motorcycles in the custom garage room and the Galpin’s Hall of Customs will have Ford customs on display.

Daniel Nelson’s 1952 Henry J Drag Car “Henry Jaded” at Galpin’s Hall of Customs
’17 Ford GT Competition Series at Galpin’s Hall of Customs

Porsche has it’s own display room near the west hall and all their hottest 2018 models can be seen.
There are many alternative vehicles to be seen as well.

There are many events throughout the Show : Test Drives, Celebrity Appearances, Interactive Drive Experiences, Virtual Reality, Simulators, Gaming & Attractions!

Write and Edited by Erwin Glaub and Yayoi Otani.
All photos by Yayoi Otani

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