The East West Players continues in its quest for expanding it’s palette to include love and human relations in all its forms in its current offering ‘A Widow of No Importance’.
    Ever since its founding 46 seasons ago from its genesis near the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Virgil (I recall seeing some of the productions there at the time) the company has become the largest and longest running theatre of color in the nation. Tim Dang, the Producing Artistic Director, has made great strides in the product that he has brought to stage.
    The show now running has to do with a widow of two years who is facing life knowing that her only hope now is seeing her daughter married so that she can complete her life span. This is what her culture expects of her. But what no one expects or initially accepts is the fact that she has become attracted to a much younger man who is also recently divorced and is her son’s best friend. Her life now takes a completely different turn, much to the shock and exasperation of her family. Their eruption to this sudden inclusion is quite profound. Mayhem ensues as the family gropes to come to terms with this revelation and the mother (aptly played by Lina Patel with appropriate sensitivity) reluctantly concedes with their demands, telling her young lover that she must put her family first. However, another chance encounter with her rejected suitor makes her realize that she must make a stand for her own happiness and sanity and rejoins him.
    The show ends on this note. It is an interesting conjecture, however, to try to imagine what kind of reaction the family might have at this time around which doesn’t seem to be resolved. In addition, revisiting earlier when the family first hears the news that their mother is breaking tradition, their reaction, especially the son is perhaps just a bit over the top and maybe could toned down a notch or two, even recognizing what their culture requires.
    That aside, it’s a well chosen cast who fit very nicely into their roles. The location is Mumbai which is a departure for the group and brings an interesting shading to the fore. As always with this group, the atmosphere is entirely professional. Shane Sakhkrani is the playwright & Shaheen Vaas finds the right pace as director.
    Performances are through Oct. 9…. 213.625.7000…….www.eastwestplayers.org

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