Amazing Local Spot ~ Lido Di Manhattan in Manhattan Beach

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — MANHATTAN BEACH, CA — The Experience Magazine got a chance to visit the South Bay’s Lido Di Manhattan. Owned by famous Los Angeles restauranteur, Lisa Hemmat, Lido is a great place to have a happy hour cocktail and eat some local Italian comfort food. The staff at Lido Di Manhattan Ristorante didn’t& Bar are top notch. They are all professionals with a great attitude. Lido is a place that’s constantly buzzing with special events, happy hours, live music, and wine tastings.

Great local bar. Photo by Dustin Brown
A delicious Manhattan cocktail. Photo by Dustin Brown

There’s plenty of room in the restaurant and there’s a cool bak room where they host private parties and special events. There’s plenty of free parking which is a big deal in Los Angeles. Lido is a place that you would want to have in your neighborhood so you could regularly stop by and have something to eat and a drink. The wine list is extensive.

The back room is perfect for large groups and private events. Photo by Dustin Brown

Our server, Robert, recommended  a cocktail. The bartender, made up a tasty Manhattan. He said he could make me another one in a different style but I didn’t get a chance to try it. I’ll have to go back to try his Mmmmmanhattan. I had a lot of driving to do on the night i stopped by Lido so I limit myself to one drink. But, our knowledgeable server Robert recommended a Napa Valley Red Wine and it was delicious! It was a “Por Que No?” Cabernet Sauvignon. Such a great wine to drink with Italian food.

The Spicy Vodka Pasta is a blend of subtle flavors. So delicious! Photo by Dustin Brown

We looked over the menu and saw all of the tasty dishes. Theres an extensive selection of flat bread pizzas. Lido also has some great appetizers. There’s a baby artichoke appetizer. They also have Lobster Wonton Tacos. On the vegetarian side, there’s a Butternut Squash Ravioli and a delicious Cheese Plate. We decided to try one fish dish and one pasta dish. The Vodka Pasta came highly recommended and I decided to order it. Lido’s Vodka Pasta is known for being a little spicy. I really like the flavor. A good blend of vodka sauce, crushed red peppers with a Penne pasta that was prepared perfectly.

The Halibut was the top dish with a super fresh vegetable ensemble and risotto. Photo by Dustin Brown

Erwin had the Wild Caught Halibut. He loved every bite of it. It came with capers in a lemon sauce and broccolini. There was some tasty risotto as well. The chef had prepared some corn and carrots as well. This was a super fresh fish dish and the wine paired so well with it.
The Experience Magazine enjoyed dinning at Lido Di Manhattan in Manhattan Beach. I’m looking forward to returning and trying a flat bread pizza and another delicious cocktail at the bar. We highly recommend that you stop by soon!

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