Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — AUGUST 11, 2017 — The Experience Magazine stopped by Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills for an evening of authentic northern Indian cuisine. This cozy and friendly restaurant has been offering delicious fare for over thirty years.

The delicately created samosa at Bombay Palace

Our meal began with an appetizer that featured a crispy wheat bread Roti. We dipped this into a tamarind and mint chutney. These Indian flavors are so fresh. I love chutney, but I couldn’t get enough of the chutney at Bombay Palace. After we devored our Roti and chutney, our taste buds were prepared for our main course.

The garlic Naan at Bombay Palace is a must try for Naan lovers

Bombay Palace is know for having some of the tastiest Indian cuisine in Los Angeles. As we dined, many people arrived for a relaxing and enjoyable meal. Bombay Palace hosts both regulars and new comers to their gourmet offerings.

Bombay Palace. Photo courtesy Yayoi

The Vegetable Samosa featured potatoes and peas that are wrapped in a delicate pastry. Our server explained that the oil they use to fry the samosa is always new. This causes the samosa to have a light and fluffy taste. She was right. The samosa is a delight at Bombay Palace.

Tandoori chicken. Photo by Yayoi

We simply had to try the Tandoori Chicken. This fish features chicken marinated in yogurt and freshly ground spices. Bombay Palace prepares this dish the old fashioned way. It is placed in a clay pot and slowly cooked over a charcoal fire. We chose this dish with a medium spice. The spiciness brings out the flavor in the chicken. I recommend you try the Tandori Chicken at Bombay Palace.

The main course that we sampled featured a few items from the vegetarian menu. This dish was expertly presented in the middle of the table. We sampled items we had never tried before. The Palak Paneer is a homemade cheese cooked in a creamy spinach sauce. Palak Paneer is my personal favorite. A sort of creamed spinach with Indian spices.

The Baingan Bharta features eggplant grilled over charcoal. It also has fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic and ginger. These flavors are delicate and subtle. It’s a such a refined flavor.
The Aloo Gobi Masala has fresh cauliflower and potatoes. This was served in a small stainless steel bowl and we each took a small portion of the cauliflower. This dish was exceptionally prepared. The cauliflower soaked up the Indian spices.
We also received a portion of the Indian rice served with peas on top. Such a fine presentation.

Also a favorite was the Jeera Aloo. Cubes of potato are simmered with cumin to make a tasty dipping sauce. This dish was my surprise favorite.


For desert, we tried the Caratola. This desert is made by hand in-house and served warm with ice cream. It combines the flavor of carrot cake with textures from India. I recommend the Caratola.

The staff from the Experience Magazine enjoyed their meal at Bombay Palace

We chatted and enjoyed the lovely Beverly Hills location.
I can’t recommend Bombay Palace in Beverly Hills enough. They take reservations or you can visit if you’re in the area. Bombay Palace also does a great lunch buffet. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Stop by and enjoy a culinary tour of northern India today.

Bombay Palace is located at 8690 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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