dineL.A. Happy Hour Week: April 27 – May 1: BACARI P.D.R.

dineL.A. Happy Hour Week : APRIL 27 – MAY 1

How many days did you participate in “dineLA Happy Hour Week”?
The Experience Magazine is happy to inform you our experience on HAPPY HOUR Week!

On Tuesday night, we chose to go to BACARI P.D.R. in Playa del Rey.

The Kronfil Brothers and Chef Lior Hillel have opened 3rd restaurant, Bacari PDR in August 2014.  The restaurant serves a variety of cicchetti (Italian style small plates), wines, cocktails and craft beers.

The interior is unique. I like the wine bottles ceiling and wine bottle lighting. And it looks like Chalkboards are their style. When you enter the restaurant, you can find the big chalkboard wall.

I noticed that there was a nice patio area, but we decided to sit inside for quieter purpose.

BacariPDR Happy Hour

Their Happy Hour is Monday thru Friday 5pm – 7pm. The great thing about Happy Hour here is lots of choices of cicchetti! I recommend you to go with ┬ámore than 4 friends to share!

For cocktails, you can choose from 7 kinds (Strawberry Fizz, Holy Mole, Old Cuban, Jalisco Mule, Black Manhattan, Basil Breeze and Bacari Spirtz). $8 each during Happy Hour.

For cicchetti, we tried cold, hot and dineL.A. special menu.

BacariPDR Happy Hour menus 1
Left Top-Crab Crostini, Right Top-Grilled Romaine, Left Bottom-Smoked Mushroom Pizza, Bottom Right-Grilled Chicken Breast

Crab Crostini was very flavorful. I liked the presentation of Grilled Romaine. Colorful beets on top. Smoked Mushroom Pizza was very tasty; was it basciamella sauce or white cheddar cheese?? Grilled Chicken Breast had a surprise risotto cake!

Noa's Cauliflower and Kronfi Brothers sauce collection
Noa’s Cauliflower and Kronfi Brothers sauce collection

Noa’s Cauliflower was nice and hot with delicious sauce. We asked what kind of sauce they use and the server showed us “Kronfi Brothers All-Purpose Sauce Collection” For Cauliflower, they use Smoked Chipotle. Delicious! You can find these sauces at WHOLEFOODS or their website.

Top Left-Baccala Cakes, Top Right-Bowl of Clams, Bottom Left-Barramundi. Bottom Right-Yum Kale cake
Top Left-Baccala Cakes, Top Right-Bowl of Clams, Bottom Left-Barramundi. Bottom Right-Yum Kale cake

Baccala Cakes (salted cod, dill emulsion, lemon) was very satisfying flavor. The texture was perfect and the dill sauce was great. I tasted strong lemon flavor on Clams dish. Refleshing dish. dineL.A. special menu Barramundi and Yum Kale Cake were wonderful choice.

We were really Happy for our Happy Hour Meal. I wanted to try more dishes!! I will have to come back again.

6805 Vista Del Mar Lane
Playa del Rey, CA 90293
(310) 439-2100

*Happy Hour*
Monday – Friday 5pm- 7pm
$6 small plates: hot, cold, grilled pizza
$6 well cocktails / $8 signature cocktails
Sangria: $5 half-liter / $10 liter

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