dineL.A. Restaurant Week Starts on March 1! : BLAZIN’ BIRDS

dineL.A. Restaurant Week Starts on Monday, March 1 and runs through Sunday, March 14.

The advantage of dineL.A. is the price! Each restaurant offer some popular dishes at a fixed price that is lower than usual. You can find the great deal from over 260 local restaurants lunches starting at $15 and dinners at $25.

The Experience Magazine chose “BLAZIN’ BIRDS” on Wilshire Blvd. to start our dineL.A.

Fried chicken, spicy chicken, chicken sandwich are nothing new, but about 4 years ago, Nashville-style chicken started to become popular, and more and more the Nashville-style chicken and hot chicken restaurants started to open, creating a buzz among the people in Los Angeles. Among these chicken restaurants, BLAZIN’ BIRDS is the one that is gaining popularity for its high quality chicken.

BLAZIN’ BIRDS uses the finest chicken raised free range without antibiotics or hormones. No frozen chicken. They support a local bakery, potatoes are fresh, shakes are made with real hand scooped ice cream.

Their dineL.A. menu is definitely worth ordering  for the next two weeks!

Regular menu

I had my chicken Buffalo style. You can choose the spiciness from “Cool – Not Spicy”, “Warm – Mild Spice”, “Buffalo – Traditional”, “Hot – Getting Hotter”,  “Scorchin’ – Burning Hot”, “Blazin’ Hot – Extreme Heat”.  Their chicken was crunchy outside and tender inside. Buffalo has slightly hot spicy taste. I dipped my chicken into their homemade ranch dressing, my chicken tasted milder.  The combination of chicken and their creamy slaw on the bun was great match. The creamy slaw made the sandwich juicier. I really enjoyed the sando.

dineL.A. dinner for 2

We had French fries and Classic Red Slaw as our sides.  Both were good amount to share! You should get French fries definitely; they were slightly salted and still crispy when they got cold. (We were eating at the patio area.) And the Red Slaw was seasoned with vinegar and oil.

The staff there was busy with take-out orders but they were polite and friendly.

BLAZIN’ BIRDS opens every day and offers Uber Eats, DOORDASH, POSTMATES and GRUBHUB for delivery service. Of course you can order and pick up. I’d highly recommend eating there if possible because they are very tasty when they are still hot. So why don’t you try their chicken today?

They also offer breakfast. Here is the menu for it.

6246 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles 90048

FRIDAY 8:00AM – 10:00PM
SATURDAY 9:00AM – 10:00PM
SUNDAY 9:00AM – 7:00PM

*Parking is available in front of the restaurant.

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