District DTLA for dineLA ~ Winter 2020

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES, CA — (JAN 21, 2020) — The Experience Magazine stopped by the downtown hot spot District DTLA. District is a popular choice for gourmet dining downtown. Located on the Plaza level of the Bloc. The Bloc is downtown LA’s hottest location. There’s a Macy’s, a five star Sheraton and the Alamo Drafthouse is upstairs.

Kabocha Squash “Bisque”

So, we stopped by to sample the dineLA menu at District. DineLA is the famous food event put on by the Los Angeles Tourism Board and American Express. The idea is to show Los Angeles as a prime dining location. District participated in dineLA 2020 and created a $39.00 prix fixe menu. Let me start by saying that the food at District is just amazing. Chef Louis Guarda created a menu that shows off District’s menu at a very affordable price.

Publisher of the Experience Magazine Ewrin Glaub (L) with Chef Louis Guarda (R) at District DTLA

Our server was Danny. Danny is such a pro. He set the atmosphere which was fun with serious serving of delicious food. Danny recommended a Pinot Grigio and paired perfectly. Danny recommended the vegan Kabocha Squash Bisque. This was a coconut cream based soup with currants, which are grapes, and roasted pumpkin seeds. Yum! The other delicious appetizer was the DISTRICT Squash Salad. Chef Guarda mixes roasted winter squash with goat cheese, grapes, pomegranates and hazelnuts.

The Roasted Chicken. Oh, so delicious
Sampling the tasty Lavender Blossom

I got a chance to try the Lavender Blossom cocktail which was a real treat. Starting with Makers Mark bourbon, the bartender mixed lemon, lavender, egg whites and a dash of bitters. An old timey sort of cocktail and made perfectly.
For entrees, we tried the Grilled Cauliflower Steak. This dish was just amazing. An incredible mix of flavors. I’m reluctant to order cauliflower steak but I was glad I tried this dish. Chef combines a carrot puree with quinoa and some fresh seasonal vegetables. I was really impressed with the flavor and texture.

The Cauliflower Steak
A sample of the shrimp cocktail with a house made dipping sauce.

The other entree we tried from the dineLA menu was the Bistro Style Half Chicken. I was really surprised at the flavor. I’ve tried many chicken entree’s in Los Angeles and this one was tops in flavor and spices.
For desert, we tried the New York Style Cheesecake. It didn’t disappoint. It was a perfect way to end our amazing sampling of the menu.

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