D’Vine Lounge Bar in Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA (February 1, 2017)— The Experience Magazine stopped by the D’Vine Lounge  Bar, which is  located in exciting downtown Los Angeles. We had a special evening of small plates and a sampling of wines from around the world.


Owner Gerald Ferrante has remodeled this exclusive location with shared spaces, cozy corners and a luxe bar. Located down a flight of stairs, the D’Vine Lounge  Bar is a hidden gem in downtown. The posh digs and front door are crafted with a super hip Paris vibe. As you walk into the space, the curtains, the couches and the bar are all very inviting. People were chatting at the long bar. There’s an artistic Eiffel Tower sculpture in the bar. It makes me think about being in Paris. It makes me want to drink wine, relax and be in the city. The staff at D’Vine are so friendly. They understand that the busy people that come in for a drink need to unwind. The bar specializes in small production wines, craft beer and a full bar with small batch whiskey. This bar is known as a great place to chill and relax.

Manager and expert on French wine, Killian Trehoux, orchestrated an evening of tartness, wine, vegetarian delights and a super chill atmosphere. To be honest, I lost track of time at our dinner. I was with a group of LA journalists and we talked into the night.
Killian asked if we’d like to try a French sparkling wine. It was a great recommendation and the taste was light and crisp. I love sparkling wine. My favorite being Asti Spumante. As an Italian sparkling wine, Asti has a dry taste. The Faire le Fete, that we tried, is a sparkling wine with a sharp but a little sweet taste.

The meal began with board of charcuterie and a board of cheese. For cheese, we sampled the Baby Belletoile, a Blue Paradise , a Maireke Aged Gouda and a smoky Scarmoza. The Baby Belletoile was a soft style Brie. It was super creamy and buttery. My favorite cheese was the Gouda. Just tiny pieces of the the Gouda paired so well with the wine. For wine, we selected the Austrian Schneider from Sankt Laurent, a 2013. This was a very delicious wine. The Schneider was full of flavor.

Our second wine tasting was an Italian wine. We had the 2011 Argiano Brunello di Montalcino. This wine paired so well with the little tartines. We had selected several tartines from the menu. We had the marinated baby artichokes, the marinated roasted peppers and the tataki tuna. By far the most popular item was the artichokes. Killian Trehoux explained how the artichoke dish was made. The process is done by hand and marinated for a day. The roasted peppers were a big hit too. Hand peeled and left to marinate, they almost dissolve in ones mouth.
Our third wine was the Laetitia from Arroyo Grande, California. To be honest, I regret not having tried the French Chateau d’Agel. The California Laetitia has a very gelatin texture and a fruity taste. Its a good wine, but doesn’t stand up to the Austrian Schneider and its flavor.

Live music at D'Vine Wine Bar in downtown Los Angeles
Live music at D’Vine Lounge Bar in downtown Los Angeles

We had so many great little sandwiches. The Mediterraeenne with its avocado, tomato, pesto and feta was tasty as the flavors mixed together delicately. The Oceane featured a poached Albacore tuna, creme fraiche, cornichons and a thin slice of boiled egg. I ate a second serving of the Oceane tartine. By far my favorite tartine was the the Provencale. The Provencale has an olive tapenade that is expertly made. This tartine also features G
goat cheese, herbs and walnuts. I recommend that you try this dish.

Our dessert was a hand made chocolate with just a touch of honey. It was very French, the perfect amount of sweet and it paired well with our Laetitia wine.

Hand made chocolates with just a touch of honey
Hand made chocolates with just a touch of honey

I noticed as we sipped our wine and chatted that quite a bit of time had gone by. I forgot that we were in busy downtown Los Angeles. This little wine bar is such a great place to visit for a special event, a night of listening to jazz or sharing a few plates to eat.

Address and hours to D’Vine Lounge Bar;

821 South Flower St
Los Angeles, CA ~ 90017
(213) 262-8517


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