In an age where gas prices top $ 4.00 a gallon and public transportation services are expanding with metro lines and new bus routes to carry the masses, a main concern is how to get around after one reaches the their destination from these services.

A personal transportation device that is easy to carry and powerful enough to move a human at decent speed can come in very handy. There are alternatives to making this happen but one of the best alternatives is a lightweight rapid moving scooter that folds for transport and easily sets up for use.

Introducing the new Eco Reco scooter with is powerful motor and lithium battery that will carry a charge lasting long enough to propel the device up to 20 miles in distance at a speed of up to 20 miles per hour.

The Eco Reco M3 electric scooter is a device that weighs just over 34 pounds and will fold flat for carrying on public transportation as well as the back seat or trunk of a vehicle. Even the handlebars can be folded for compact storage in tight places when transported on planes and public transportation vehicles for long distances.

The Eco Reco has a battery indicator and mileage trip meter all built into one unit on the handlebars. One needs only to press the small green button on the combination throttle and meter device and give a quick kick to get the scooter going. At that point the device takes off on it’s own moving as fast as the rider engages the throttle lever.

I found the scooter to be powerful enough to carry a person up to 200 pounds adequately with out losing speed. The meter has a battery bar indicator that reaches up to five bars and will go down to zero from there losing bars as it uses battery life.

The scooter is built with quality metal and aluminum parts and is constructed to take hard use on city streets.The Eco Reco scooter has a small spring shock system set up on the front fork but the rear wheel is a hard tail design with no shock absorbers. This produces a hard ride when going over bumps in the pavement and the solid non inflatable tires are great for no flats but not much good for absorbing road bumps. This is the only short coming with the scooter because the rest of it performs very well .The scooter also has a kickstand to stay erect when sitting idle.

Future designs will possibly include a better suspension system and inflatable tires.

The scooter sells for around $1000 and is compact enough to hang on a wall hook in a small space, taking up far less room than a bicycle would..

The Eco Reco scooter is manufactured in Campbell,California and can be viewed on the web site at

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