Exclusive Interview with French Artist Gabriele Valensi

Gabriele on stage with her band
Gabriele on stage with her band

The Experience Magazine recently had the chance to watch an exclusive performance by French artist, Gabriele Valensi, at SIR Studios in Hollywood, California. Her performance was amazing. Her voice is stunning, her band is truly professional and her DJ provided an electronic element to the live performance. Here’s the  exclusive interview with Gabriele.

Gabriele Velensi. Photo courtesy Dustin Brown at the Experience Magazine
Gabriele Velensi. Photo courtesy Dustin Brown at the Experience Magazine

How would you describe your music?

It Is called ECR. It stands for Electro Cinematic Rock. It is a new sound that is the fruit of electronic music, classical orchestration and rock music.

I noticed that you have a lot of acting credits as well as singing. How would you describe your career?

I started playing the piano at 4 years old and became a classical pianist. I’ve always sung and written songs.  I got my first job as an actress when I was 17 and became an established actress in France. By the end of 2008, I needed a change, I needed to do music full time, I needed a stage. I signed with a US management company and moved to NYC. This is how my American life started!

Gabriele Valensi on stage. Photo courtesy the Experience Magazine
Gabriele Valensi during her recent performance in Hollywood. Photo courtesy the Experience Magazine

What is your process when creating a song?

Usually I write very quickly. When a song appears in my heart I receive it all at once. It could happen anywhere. I can record the melody and lyrics on my phone if I’m outside or go straight to my piano if I am at home. I then arrange the song for all the instruments. After I have the full sound in my head and / or on paper, I need to collaborate with a team of musicians, producers, mixers and engineers to give life to it. Also I am a live performer so after I play the song live with musicians, other elements are revealed about the song in terms of what should be there and is not yet before I hear it live. I write all the time. Sometimes the process described above changes completely and is not valid. That’s part of my personality: my life or how I do things are usually unexpected.


The emotional side of Gabriele Valensi
The emotional side of Gabriele Valensi

How did you get started as an actor?

I was very fortunate to be cast as a regular for a TV show at 17 years old. It was my first audition.

How did you get started as a singer?

I was very fortunate to sign my first publishing deal right after my first show in Paris.

Your latest music has elements of electronic music. What inspired you to work with samples?

It has all been a process. Seeking who I am musically and finally finding it. Right now my sound is ECR. However I can come up with another new sound in a few years! It all depends on my personal journey as a human being.

Who is your DJ mixing live samples in your latest music?

His name is Clayton Williams. He is a great engineer and DJ.


Can you talk about your amazing band that you performed with recently in Hollywood?

Wonderful people, young and dynamic musicians. My drummer Venzella Joy has been touring with Beyonce and Jay Z for their last tour, Tré the keyboard player has been working with Lupe Di Fiasco. Most of them  already have experience. My background singers are fierce angels who get the Job done. All the women who are on stage with me are powerful women.


How did you meet them?

I auditioned all of them.

What is the future for your music?

Building a solid team, distribute my music worldwide, And tour the world with my musical family.

Your all white outfit is very stylish. Do you like a particular designer?

I am actually madly in love with Jenny Packham’s work, entirely different from my style on stage!

Gabriele on stage with her band
Gabriele on stage with her band

Define fashion

A fresh tribute to the old times mixed with a clear vision of humanity’s future.

How do you prepare for a performance?

I rehearse.

Are there any special causes that you believe in or work with?

I believe in Education. I believe in Peace.

What is your favorite song?

Music History is filled with extraordinary songs. The song that I love to hear at this

moment and share with friends is ‘The Hills’ from ‘The Weekend’. The sound of this song is amazing.

Who is your inspiration?

Michael Jackson, Glenn Gould and Mozart!

What is something that would surprise our readers to know about you?

I’d like to spend some time in the skin of a man and discover what it is to be a man.


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