Experience Magazine stops by VengainzLA on our Journey to Dine all of LA

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — Los Angeles, CA —The Experience Magazine recently stopped by VegainzLA in Inglewood for some supreme vegan and alkaline food. VegainzLA is a laid back neighborhood restaurant that serves plant based sandwiches, sushi, burritos and delicious Wraps. Foods that are high in alkaline are vegetables, nuts, tofu, fruits, seeds and beans. Foods that are processed are considered acidic and bad for you. The food at VegainzLA is super fresh and delicious.  The service at VegainzLA is top notch. Really friendly staff and a stylish dinning room. 

Vegan Steak Wrap at VegainzLA. Photo by Dustin Brown

To start off with, the Steak Wrap rocks. I am 100% vegan and the big thing we vegans want in a good wrap is crunch! This wrap delivers. Vegans like is sauce. Sauce is boss. The owner of VegainzLA, Allen, told me about the secret ingredient in the Steak Wrap that tastes so good. It’s the Oyster Mushrooms.  All the veggies are super fresh. 

The cool thing about VegainzLA is that it’s so Instagramable. There’s a cool backdrop inside and great lighting. 

The juices at VegainzLA are special. We gulped down the Baby Mango. The drinks have a unique flavour. They aren’t too sweet. They’re 100% natural and alkaline. The big surprise was the Soursop fruit drink. Soursop is a fruit from the Caribbean. This was so tasty. It has a pineapple citrus flavour combined with a texture like bananas. Wow, you gotta try it! Really good. 

The Sushi Burritos are a signature dish. I didn’t get a chance to try one but will be back to have one. The Plantains were tasty lots of sauce to dip into. Also, the Loaded Fries were so good. We really tried a bunch of stuff off the menu. The Loaded Fries were delicious and we ate most of the toppings during lunch. But, I brought the fries home and re heated them in my toaster oven. Oh My God, these are the best and crispiest fries in Los Angeles. I kept eating them for days. High marks for VegainzLA’s Fries!

Publisher Erwin Glaub at VegainzLA

The Shicken sandwich was so good. Fried Oyster Mushrooms, a toasted bun. I’m going back for the Chicken Sandwich. 

Another stand out dish was the Mac and Cheese. Mac and Cheese is a great vegan comfort food. The trick is always to get the cheese right. Using cashews and nutritional yeast to get that creamy flavour, Allen uses Cactus as his secret ingredient. The Mac and Cheese is super creamy. Really tasty.

For desert, we tried Jeff’s Alkaline ice cream. House made Sherbert with a crispy cookie. This was really fresh and great way to end our lunch. 

We had a lot of fun at VegainzLA. The food is so good. We highly recommend you stop by VegainzLA and try some great vegan food. 

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