On Saturday, September 7th, The Music Center and Grand Park will present Exxopollis, the first-ever Los Angeles showcase of giant inflatable luminarium designed by world-renowned Architects of Air.  The large translucent sculpture offers visitors an unprecedented sensory experience in a maze of winding paths and soaring domes, featuring rich colors, light and sound. The structure is 175 feet long by 95 feet wide and 23 feet off the ground at its tallest point.


The event will also include some unexpected performances called “Random Acts of World Culture”, including 30 different artists, ranging from Korean classical music and dance, Highland bagpipes and African and African American folktales to female mariachis, Klezmer melodies and more. The presentation of Exxopolis launches the 11th season of The Music Center’s World City series, free family-friendly programming that celebrates artistic traditions from around the world.

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