French Wine Tasting at a five-star Parisian hotel

September 29th, 2016 – Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hotel

Everyone (who is age appropriate of course) loves wine, especially when it’s free and French.

The Renaissance Vendôme Hotel in Paris teamed up with the Cave des Tuileries and hosted a wine tasting in its lobby. The host was very pleasant and welcoming. It was fascinating to hear him describe the wines’ notes and flavours with so much expertise.

The 1st wine being served (Château Guiraud, 2015). Photo by Laurie Le Bomin

Starting off with a Château Guiraud, awarded the first Grand Cru of Sauternes in 1855 (Gironde). The 2015 white wine has a golden color. The first sip reveals notes of citrus fruits with a subtle sweetness. It’s fresh and incredibly balanced.

For the second round, it was the Château Lilian Ladouys’s turn to amaze us with a 2013 red wine. Despite having strong oak notes, it is also very crisp.

Lastly, a 2006 Comte de Séjénac was closing the show. This red wine was enjoyable with sweet and delightful notes.

The 3rd wine being served (Comte de Séjénac, 2006). Photo by Laurie Le Bomin

Now I am no qualified wine expert. I am only trying to describe and share this exquisite experience as best as I can. But, come on, what’s more enjoyable than sipping delicious free wine after work? In addition to that, the venue is cozy and stylish; it’s the perfect setting. It feels like you are on cloud nine, literally (and no, it’s not the wine talking).

Cozy decoration. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin
Clouds in the lobby. Photo by Laurie Le Bomin

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