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LOS ANGELES, Calif. – August 17, 2016 – From the founder of treats! Magazine, Steve Shaw, and photographer David Bellemere, comes a global model search to discover the first NU MUSES – 12 of the world’s most modern and inspiring beauties to be photographed for a luxurious and timeless photographic calendar. A millennial take on the classic Pirelli calendar of the 1970’s, NU MUSES will reestablish “the nude” as fine art to grace the walls of art galleries and collectors’ portfolios. The calendar will be launched at a VIP event during Art Basel Miami in December 2016 at an exclusive art gallery exhibition. Showcasing 24 stunning images, NU MUSES will be celebrated and gain worldwide exposure. In addition, the whole process will be shot for an hour & a half documentary to be shown in 2017 on one of the largest TV networks in the USA, and later distributed worldwide.


“We are launching NU MUSES at a time when things are highly censored, and restricted: we have pop culture celebrities flashing body parts to get attention and music lyrics that are overly sexualized, but we need to bring back the female form as classic fine art that is highly celebrated verses gratuitous ”, explains Steve Shaw, founder of the project. Adds Christianne Brooks, Creative Director of the project, “This is about making something timeless through Intention vs. Attention. Intention by using a photographer who is a master of lighting, a master at working with talent and crafting these beautiful moments to capture them in. This is nothing new about nudity, yet we arepushing the boundaries and we are celebrating the uncensored beauty of the naked body.”


From landscapes and portraits in history, nudity was once recognized as the highest form of art, but over time has lost its point of view. We need to get back to showcasing timeless and classic nudity where women, as well as men, feel comfortable and inspired by these images of the female body. Women will want to be a part of this project because it’s a beautiful piece of art.


Starting today, models are invited to submit online or attend one of the open castings this month in either Los Angeles or New York. The search will be curated and finalized via live castings, social media voting and fashion industry judges.


If selected to be one of the 12 NU MUSES, you will be:

  • One of 12 models in the NU MUSES calendar art project
  • Rewarded $10,000
  • Flown to an exclusive location for a shoot with David Bellemere
  • Flown to Miami for the calendar launch event and dinner at Art Basel in December, covered by major press outlets
  • Featured in theDecember issue of treats! with the chance to grace the cover of the magazine
  • Featured in a documentary to be shown on one of the largest TV networks in the USA, &distributed worldwide


Agents and models can submit talent to the NU MUSES website.  All submissions must be received by August 30th. Alternatively, models can attend live open castings being held in Los Angeles on August 24th and New York on August 29th.


For more information on live castings, guidelines, and the overall project process visit and submit for the career opportunity of a lifetime!


About Steve Shaw 

Steve Shaw has a background in celebrity & fashion photography, shooting for Elle, Vogue, and British Esquire. In 2011, British-born Steve Shaw conceived and launched treats! Magazine as a European-inspired, multi-media brand merging high fashion, and sensuality as the ultimate lifestyle luxury publishing body. Created in the spirit of fine art, treats! goal is to provide everyone with a platform to express their ‘art’ – from fine print to digital. treats! is designed to give the world’s best photographers a sophisticated, creative outlet with the freedom to have their work published without restriction. Steve focuses on celebrating the beauty of women as nature made them, which can be seen throughout his work.

Treats! Magazine founder Steve Shaw
Treats! Magazine founder Steve Shaw

“What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment”


About David Bellemere

David Bellemere was born and raised in Paris, France. He discovered photography during his high school years, which led him to studyvisual arts after his Baccalaureate. While in college, David caught the eye of various French magazines that commissioned him in his early 20s.  Over the next few years he traveled throughout Asia regarding his time there as the most influential in his photographic style to this day. David is recognized for his unique light, colors, and composition, always celebrating beauty. The adjectives most often used to describe his pictures are sensual, delicate, and feminine. David currently contributes to the following magazines:  Marie Claire Italy, Vogue Paris, Vogue US, Vogue China, Nippon Vogue, VogueSpain, Elle US, GQ UK, LUI, Porter Magazine, MUSE, treats! and Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Photographer David Bellemere
Photographer David Bellemere

The Experience Magazine joins art lovers from around the world  who love art and beauty. NU MUSES is a cool project that’s seeking 12 new faces. These models will be part of something big and memorable in the industry. For fine art aficionados, this calendar will definitely be in the category of the “highest form of art”.


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