Gourmet Italian Dining at Drago Centro in Downtown Los Angeles


Vincenzo Porcu is the Manager at Drago Centro in downtown Los Angeles. The native of Sardina, Italy loves managing Drago Centro. Drago Centro is a resturant created by Chef Owner Celestino Drago and Chef di Cucina Ian Gresik. These two have worked to re-define five star dining in Los Angeles. Since he took over in 2013, the buzz about Drago is that it’s the best restaurant in Los Angeles. The location of Drago in the financial district allows for amazing city views. As we sat down, the sun was setting and many people were enjoying the delicious gourmet food.
The atmosphere at Drago is wonderful. It has the feel of a New York City restaurant with the blue sky and sunshine associated with California. The staff is so friendly and attentive.  Silverware is changed out after each course.
Downtown at Drago Centro for gourmet Italian dining
Downtown at Drago Centro for gourmet Italian dining
Vincenzo is the true rock star of Drago. He loves pairing amazing wines with each dish. We asked him to serve a soup, salad and entree with wine pairing. The soup was presented with a flourish. The wine was from Sardina. Sparkling Rose of Cannonau was light and delicious. I say delicious because it was such a perfect blend of body and taste. The wine director Mark Sadr explained about how the wine was made and where the grapes came from.  The salad was served with a flourish. Vincenzo explained that the salad produce is organic and locally sourced when possible. I love fresh ingredients and I could tell that Drago uses the freshest possible.
Some of the fate at Drago Centro
Some of the fare at Drago Centro
The entree was i garganelli, a pasta dish that tasted homemade. It was flavored with Parmesan and fennel.  The wine pairing was a red wine. Again from Sardinia, again I was blown away by the taste and flavor. I was shocked to have two wines with such exquisite flavor. This wine was so good because it was a light bodied red and not too sweet. The main course was a chicken dish. It was crispy and presented in a gourmet style. Gourmet because they use high-quality and exotic ingredients and skilled preparation.It was such a pleasure to dine at Drago Centro and talk to Vincenzo and Mark. They are so knowledgable about the wine and obviously love working here. If you get s chance to dine at Drago, you must have the recommended food with wine pairing. Such a great epicurean experience.
They accept reservations or you can just stop by.
Vincenzo Pacu, Dustin Brown and sommilier Mark Curry
Manager of Drago Centro Vincenzo Porcu, Dustin Brown and Wine Director Mark Sadr
525 S Flower St
Unit 120
Los Angeles, CA  90071-2250
United States
(213) 228-8998

Website  http://dragocentro.com


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