Grand Cru and Premier Cru Tasting at Wally’s in Santa Monica

On Tuesday, Oct 8 THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE was invited to an exclusive
Grand Cru and premier Cru tasting at Wally’s in Santa Monica.They have a
private room upstairs that is really cozy and great for a private event that
this was.

Taylor J Rothschild
Champagne Eric Philippe, Les Trois Fils
Kanpachi Crudo

Wallys is the best place to go to now in L.A for wine and champagne.
They are the best in town for  wine and champagne with a collection on display like no other.

The champagne technique that they use has been honed for over 300 years and brought to you by 9 generations of wine makers. It was founded by

Eric J.Rothschild and TaylorJ.”Phillippe Rothchild. Their expertise has brought a world-class champagne to the U.S. They have a reduced dosing method with up to 92 less added sugars.

Spiny Lobster
Chanterelle Mushroom

The champagnes and wine were paired up with great gourmet food with different courses to match up with the champagne and wine. Taylor came around to each guest to answer and questions and explain the background for himself and his family business and explaining the process for each champagne and wine. He really knows how to do it right!! The family mantra is “great things are meant to be shared.”

Pumpkin Agnolotti

The champagnes are priced to what you are familiar with but with much better quality. It was a memorable event to attend and THE EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE will be recommending the entire line of their great products.


A shout out to Jenn and Diego from Innovative  P.R. who know how to put on an event!!

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