Grateful for Flavor ~ dineLA 2019

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Los Angeles, CA — Wednesday , July 17th, 2019 — The Experience Magazine was invited to Cafe Gratitude for DineLA this summer, in the heart of the DTLA Arts District. The first thing we tasted when we stepped foot into the restaurant was the atmosphere, and it was delightful. The summer heat was on our necks as we entered through the doors, but The EE Team was quickly cooled down by Gratitude’s Chic Summer chilled Sangria. As we prepared our taste buds for the variety of healthy flavors to come, the rose, watermelon, hibiscus, lime and mint carried us away.

Delicious Hummus. Photo by Shalane Goss

You wouldn’t believe it’s not bacon, is the only thing that crossed our minds as we became one with the Little Gems Caesar salad. The shiitake bacon, croutons and brazil nut parmesan added flavors to the Dazzling Caesar that made it hard to forget. The lettuce was more fresh than any brand we’d ever bought in any store, as if it was picked just for the plate. The salad along with the chic was exactly what we needed to beat the heat.

Summer Sangria. Photo by Shalane Goss

After our plates were cleaned, we were introduced to the Karmic Chick Hummus Plate, and boy was it full of personality! The colors alone were mesmerizing. Bell peppers, thinly sliced radishes and more concocted the fresh and ripe crudites, leaving the olives, mint, dukkah, bursting cilantro zhoug and muhammara sauce to complete the masterpiece. We were sure to savor as many of the flavors as we could, but there were way too many to count!

Amazing ingredients at Cafe Gratitude. Photo by Shalane Goss

How elated we were to meet our next dish. The Southwestern-Style enchiladas was everything we expected it to be and more. While the jackfruit, hatch chili sauce and creamy poblano sauce worked together to thank us with flavor for being good to our bodies, the black beans, brown rice, cashew queso fresco, fresh avocado and authentic style pico de gallo, almost made us feel like we were doing something bad.

The avocado is always so fresh at Cafe Gratitude. Photo by Shalane Goss

It’s so rewarding to eat food that doesn’t make you feel heavy. Our next entree was the Ketogenic Bowl and with all the fresh vegetables and ingredients, it really provided the EE Team with the energy we needed to finish our meal strong! The mushroom asado, asparagus, broccolini, snap peas, avocado, cauliflower rice and dressing made for the perfect mix together. Every bite bursted with something new!

Key Lime Pie. Photo by Shalane Goss

We really tasted summer through dessert. The avocado custard in the Key Lime Pie almost brought a cool summer breeze through the doors. With pecan crust and whipped cream topping, every bite feel like summer vacation. Nothing lacked! Everything tasted amazing. As the EE Team cleared our plates and approached the end of our experience, we made sure to state how grateful we were to be able to visit Cafe Gratitude!

We look forward to more delightful and healthy dining there!

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