Herb Alpert Presents in.ter.course

Everyone knows Herb Albert for his creativity. Some know him for his historical role in the music industry with Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass and his career as recording executive and co-owner of A&M Records. Beginning Saturday, May 4 until June 8th at The Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica, you can see an array of unique and original pieces that are a token of Herb Alpert the highly respected abstract expressionist painter and sculptor. Herb began painting in 1969 in private until he had his first public exhibition in 1989 at Art LA in Southern California.

Now, Herb Alpert presents “in.ter.course”, the brilliantly dazzling collection that includes a variety of amazing coffee stain paintings and the larger-than-life Black Totem series, a collection of bronze sculptures a few of which you can see at Olympic Blvd and 26th Street, bringing a stylish flare to the Bergamot Station Arts Center.



Herb Alpert also helped provide the seed-funding for P.S Arts alongside Paul Cumming. The Herb Alpert Foundation was established in 1980 and has provided funding for New Visions Foundation as well as a many organizations related to community arts and has helped feed countless other causes.



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