High Holy Day Services at the Temple of the Arts Beverly Hills

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — Beverly Hills, CA — Monday, September 25th, 2023 — Rabbi David Baron brought his congregation together for the high holidays at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. Yom Kippur commenced on September 25th after Rosh Hashanah and Kol Deidre services. The Rabbi brought together another group of amazing guests with many congregates staying all day. There was so much music and people reflecting on the past year. Aaron Bell, a WW2 Holocaust survivor was there to be honoured for his saving of 1200 jewish people in Poland during the war with his brothers. Jonny Daniels was a high holy day guest who brings aid to poor Holocaust survivors. The 37-year-old founder of From The Depths Foundation discusses the discovery of a 70 plus-year-old Torah Scroll in Filipów, Poland. which is now being rewritten by Holocaust survivors.

Rabbi David Baron. Photo by Dustin Brown

Rabbi Baron has come up with a way for members of the synagogue to stay all day until the final shofar note during the Neilah service. The service really does go on all day with Cantors singing and congregates reading poetry and singing. The Rabbi guides everyone with what to sing and what it means. It’s an amazing experience. I feel so lucky to attend such a sacred service on this day of atonement. The rabbi really tries to connect with each person. 

Cantor Nathan Lam carrying the holy Torah

There were so many amazing people in attendance. I know my friends at the Jewish Journal knew everyone in attendance, but I can only cover a few of the amazing people that took part. 

From left to right; Rabbi David Baron, Cantor Ilysia Pierce and Cantor Nathan Lam. Photo by Dustin Brown
Actor Bernie Hiller (L) with Aron Bell (R). Photo by Dustin Brown
The Temple of the Arts Beverly Hills

Actor and life coach, Bernard Hiller was showing his respect to Aron Bell. Aaron is a holocaust survivor. He and his wife, Henryka, came out from Palm Beach Florida for the service. Aaron said, “It was a tough time, it was our obligation to save our people.” In 1941, he and his brothers hid in the forest in Belarus in Eastern Europe. The Nazis had rounded up all of the jewish people in town in a district and Aron and his brothers snuck 1200 of them out into the forrest. 

This holy Torah has pages that are over 300 years old

Ilysia Pierce is a Cantor at the Temple of the Arts. She has a solo album called Blessed. She has such an amazing voice. 

Ilysia Pierce singing
Cantor Lam at the podium

Nathan Lam is a Cantor at the Temple of the Arts and is known for his vocal mastery. He was the Dean of the Cantorial School of the Academy for Jewish Religion. He has trained many up and coming Cantors over the years. Cantor Lam has taught many stars in the music industry over the years. It was great hearing him at this years service.

The Wall of Memory at the Temple of the Arts in Beverly Hills
The Rabbi speaks with the doors to the Arc open

Sharon Farber is the music director and composer at the Temple of the Arts. She is a Grammy winner, an Emmy winner, so many awards really. She’s an amazing piano player and was conducting a choir, cantors, solo performers and a harp player. Really just an authentic sound and the Temple is lucky to have her. Speaking of the choir, this year the choir was joined by operatic soprano and recording artist from Jerusalem, Hagar Sara Adam. Also Jessie Shulman is a SAG AFTRA session singer and a member of the LA Opera Chorus. She joined in singing this year. 

This years Yom Kippur service was special as it brought congregates together for a time of severance and reflection. As Yom Kippur is the holiest day in Judaism it was a real honor to be in attendance at the Temple of the Arts in Beverly Hills. 

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