The Marina Del Rey, Harbor Cruise HornBlower Saturday Champagne Bruch was an exceptional experience for the guests. The lavish brunch was excellent. The BBQ chicken was delicious and soft enough for elderly people to enjoy . The service was courteous and well organized. Our glasses were always full of complementary champagne or orange juice. The hot coffee is available all the time .The fruits and desert section were very attractive. Two musicians played popular tones from all styles while guests indulged.. After brunch, we enjoyed watching yachts passing by from the deck. The best part is visiting captain. We thought we were not allowed to stand in front of the operation room when the captain waved to us from the inside. To our surprise, the captain was extremely friendly. He let us take pictures with his captain cap on and let us steer the boat if we wanted to try it.. All the guests were thrilled by such a wonderful experience. I highly recommend this wonderful harbor cruise. There is no worry for being seasick. The harbor is very tranquil.

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