LA Art Show 2022 Returns January 19th–23rd at the LA Convention Center

(EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE)  Los Angeles, CA — Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 — Opening night of the 2022 LA Art Show was Wednesday night in downtown Los Angeles. This was the hot ticket in Los Angeles. There were plenty of artists talking about NFTs. There were Hollywood celebrities mingling with boutique art gallery mangers, and there were vegan hot dogs in the back. Things seem to be getting back to normal even though the pandemic is still raging on. This event is known in Los Angeles as an important art event year after year. No other event brings artists from around the world like the LA Art Show. This year was no exception. This year will be known for the exhibit on street signs and the different artists presenting works with ecology and the environment in mind. And so much more. There is so much amazing art at this event each year.

Sculpture by Erwin Glaub ~ LA Art Show 2022

Following her successful debut as producer and director of the highly successful 2021 LA Art Show last summer, Kassandra Voyagis, has created a fantastic show. Kassandra said, “I am so honoured to be, once again, bringing the art community together in Los Angeles, both with local participants and an international presence. With a focus on the global effects of humankind on the planet, it is the right time to present voices from around the world, and I am excited to facilitate this wonderful event.” 

Artist Erwin Glaub had a sculpture called “Mr and Mrs Paris Hilton” at the show. The DIVERSEartLA project was in full swing presenting international artists from all over the world. Curated by Marisa Caichiolo, the focus this year is on ecology and the environment. 

“One of the most powerful things about art is that it brings people together, and transforms the way we communicate. The goal of DIVERSEartLA 2022 is to view this sector of art within the show through ecological glasses.” Said Marisa. This is a really cool exhibit you should check out.

Sculpture by Erwin Glaub ~ LA Art Show 2022

The show continues until January 23rd. Tickets are $30 – $250. This is a great place to see lots of colourful art and meet artists from all over the world. Please come down and follow Covid protocol of mask wearing and social distancing. Support Art. Check out the LA Art Art Show 2022!

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