Los Angeles Auto Show Nov.18 – 27, 2022

Media and Industry Day from the LA Auto Show

Hosted in Los Angeles, California, the largest car-buying and EV market in the United States, AutoMobility LA is where the automotive and technology sectors converge and unveil the latest in personal mobility. Analysts, automakers, dealers, designers, developers, government, investors, media, startups, and tech companies from around the world attend LA Auto Show’s media and industry day to connect, gain insights, and witness breaking news and vehicle debuts.

LA Auto SHow website: https://laautoshow.com


This year Automobility was a day time event where as in the past it was an evening event. The lack of an evening party in the past was made up by having a great hosted luncheon that consisted of many of the finest food trucks in L.A all held in one area with live entertainment. There was a great variety of different food trucks.

More companies now are debuting there latest electric vehicles. What was astonishing at the show was a 1915 Detroit Electric vehicle that was in production for many years. With the high cost of gas now it is a pleasure to own an EV except for the fact that i miss waiting in line to buy gas, get oil changes and all the other mechanical things that go wrong with a gas powered car. 

All photos by Erwin Glaub.

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