Moulin Rouge at the Hollywood Bowl


The City ofLightshone brightly for the final three concerts at the Bowl last week and a gala affair it was.

Thomas Wilkens, not known for his lack of words, certainly enlightened the whole occasion as he took the baton of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra to take command of the first half of the show.  His descriptive phrases illuminating each musical work made the evening that much more colorful as the evening progressed.

All the music, in one form or the other, touched on some aspect of the Parisian life and the entire approach had the audience enthralled. By all appearances it was a sold out crowd and everyone was into the occasion from start to finish.

And that finishing touch was the appearance of the Moulin Rouge Dancers, straight fromParis, as the program indicated.  Their gracing the stage seemed all too short and could have gone a whole lot longer, as the crowd certainly would have gone for it.

Capping it off was the fireworks display, always a crowd pleaser and it was a sure bet that no one left the Bowl unsatisfied.

It was an interesting season to be sure and no small wonder that the Hollywood Bowl will continue to take command of each and every summer as long as there is aHollywood.


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